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The Periodic Table of Swearing … Pretty Much What It Sounds Like

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The Periodic Table of Swearing ... Pretty Much What It Sounds Like

The periodic table of the elements is a great visual tool that allows you to quickly discover elements by means of a two-dimensional look-up method that encompasses multiple aspects. That visual tool has been used for many things … and has now been put to use as a work of interactive art by Jon Link and Mick Bunnage of Modern Toss. It is, quite simply, a fully cross-referenced guide to British swearing.

Here is a look at the modern uses of the periodic table that refers to the Modern Toss table:

Artists and designers fascinated by the periodic table have used it primarily as a visual signifier and celebration of form. Jon Link and Mick Bunnage of Modern Toss (see Eye 75) mix what designer and academic David Crow terms ‘official and unofficial visual language’ in the Periodic Table of Swearing. What initially appears as an attractive and informative display reveals itself as something more confrontational in content. And Lucienne Roberts, working with writer Tom Lynham, produced a personal and poignant response to the notion of a periodic table of emotions for the book 26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet (2004).

The periodic table is not only a classic of information design but arguably one of the top ten designs ever. It established a template for organisational thinking and visualisation, and the beauty of its form is intrinsic to its function.

Here is the Periodic Table of Swearing in action … obviously, there is pretty much non-stop swearing.

Source: ModernToss via ThatsLikeWhoa

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