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The 50 Best “Very Special” Sitcom Episodes

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The 50 Best "Very Special" Sitcom Episodes

Coming out of the 1970s social awareness which turned into popular After School Specials and dramatic mini-series ‘events’, the early 80s spawned an endless stream of ‘Very Special Episodes’ in sitcoms, which continue to plague shows as some of the worst and most awkward moments in the series.

The folks over at Jest Comedy have compiled a video of 50 memorable episodes, from caffeine pills to shoplifting and more. Here is the info:

The people at Jest Comedy bring us this supercut of the best of those very special episodes, from peer pressure to deadbeat dads. Enjoy reliving some of the more awkward and painful moments in comedy.

Sitcoms bring us together with jokes and drawn-out romances, but don’t forget they can also awkwardly shoehorn in serious issues. [canned laughter]

Check out the clip!

Source: Buzzfeed

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