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Five People, One Guitar, and a Better Version Than Gotye

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Five People, One Guitar, and a Better Version Than Gotye

If you have recently turned on a radio or network TV, entered a shopping mall or grocery store, or simply been in any position to hear music … chances are you have heard the song ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ by Gotye featuring Kimba. What initially caught our attention when we heard it on the ’80s, 90, Now’ channel of Slacker was how the voice in the chorus sounded like Sting.

This weekend we discovered a cover version of the song that was interesting both musically and visually. The group is called Walk Off The Earth (also on Facebook). Musically it was interesting as it was just guitar and voice (the original is fairly minimal as well), and because the female singer was quite frankly much better than in the original song. The visual interest comes from the video centering on the five members of the group behind a guitar, with each person playing a different role and part of the instrument.

It is definitely worth watching and sharing – so check it out!

And if you are now thinking ‘wow, I like that better than the original!’ … you can head to iTunes and grab the song!

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