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Dave Chisholm Releases ‘Bonus Track’ for Calligraphy

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Dave Chisholm Releases 'Bonus Track' for Calligraphy

As 2011 ended I reviewed Dave Chisholm’s ‘Calligraphy’ and had this to say:

‘Calligraphy’ surprised me by how much I liked the entire thing. With Radioactive I enjoyed the album, but only truly fell in love with one song that has stuck with me for more than 18 months and countless new releases crossing my iPod. ‘Calligraphy’ has a uniform excellence in composition, playing, and overall execution that will keep it on my iPod and recommended listening list for a long time to come. I can’t wait to see what Dave comes up with next.

The album impressed me enough to make my ‘tops of 2011’ list, with my remark that “The extent to which I loved Calligraphy surprised me, and that love spread to my kids as well. ”

Now Dave has released a ‘bonus track’ for Calligraphy, which is available on iTunes for $0.99. It is a cool and fun song that fits well with the rest of the album (which is $6.93 on iTunes)

Chisholm has also released cool new video of his group performing ‘A Fitting Combination’ from Calligraphy in what appears to be a loft in Rochester. I love watching the various iPhone camera-carriers wander around the scene as others capture video. It is a great song, a wonderful version, and an excellent video. Check it out!

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