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Join Us for the Apple iPhone 5 Press Event!

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Join Us for the Apple iPhone 5 Press Event!

Are you ready to see the end of all the rumors and speculation regarding the newest iPhone? We are, too!

Let’s get something straight, although we do our best not to report on rumors, it doesn’t mean we don’t read them. We have, and we’ve gotten more and more excited. Sure it does seem like pretty much everything that needs to be known about the new iPhone has already been leaked, but that doesn’t guarantee the rumors are correct and, even if they are, it doesn’t make us any less excited for the announcements and that One more thing…!

Join Us for the Apple iPhone 5 Press Event!

And while we won’t be in auditorium, we can (and will) do the next best thing — we’ll be following numerous feeds and bringing you the most salient points as they are revealed. We would love it if,  as the news comes in, you would join in the conversation. What do you like? What are you disappointed by? And perhaps the most relevant: what are you buying?

Join us at 10am PT, 12pm CST, and 1pm ET for/ our reactions to the big reveal!

You can also watch this event by clicking this link to open a pop-up window: Click Here

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