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Slacker Just Keeps Delivering the Goods

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Slacker Just Keeps Delivering the Goods

We do a fair amount of coverage on Slacker Radio at Gear Diary, and for me it is because I use the service all the time. In fact, apart from my own music collection, the second place I head for music is Slacker … before Spotify or other services.

Over the summer they expanded their ‘Artist Showcase’ series with several additions, most recently adding Train:

Slacker Radio is launching their 23rd Artist Showcase station, hosted by the award-winning and chart-topping band Train.

“Save Me, San Francisco Radio” features songs hand-selected by the core of the band – Pat Monahan, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood – along with exclusive commentary on their favorite tracks. Giving new and old fans a first-person perspective on the history of Train, the band share personal stories including:

– The hit single they almost gave up on
– Literally running to a gig after getting stuck in traffic
– The story behind the instrumental arrangement on “Drops of Jupiter”
– Their relationship with Counting Crows
– Why they love touring with Matt Nathanson
– And more

Here is the direct link to “Save Me, San Francisco Radio,” which can also be found everywhere Slacker is available in the “Artist Showcase” station category:

And with each week we get more music added to the streaming and on-demand services, making Slacker more and more useful to me. Last night I had put on the ’80s, 90s and Now’ station that plays enough that our whole family likes that it is always a decent compromise. R.E.M. came on, and it made me want to hear ‘Automatic for the People’ – and since everyone likes R.E.M. there was no objection (certainly compared to the new Sam Newsome I was listening to when they all came downstairs to help). I just entered REM in the search box, found the album and BAM it was playing!

Today we get the latest ‘New Music Tuesday’, including:

Carly Rae Jepsen – Kiss (
The Killers – Battle Born (
Ben Folds Five – The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (
Kreayshawn – Somethin ‘Bout Kreay (

It is excellent how quickly they update new releases – it allows you to check out new music right away in full and helps make purchase decisions easier.

Check out Slacker Radio on the iPad, or on whatever device you use!

And yes, that is me sporting some cool ‘Slacker-Wear’ our former Slacker PR guy Anders sent along!

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