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January 8, 2014 • News

Scosche Launches superCUBE at CES 2014? – Smallest 12W USB Wall Charger

Scosche superCUBE

Scosche superCUBE

Over the last few years I have loved the moves to smaller and smaller chargign blocks for devices, which seems to be reversing as new ‘fast charge’ devices like iPad Air and Kindle Fire HDX require more power, meaning bigger blocks. So it was a welcome announcement that Scosche Launches superCUBE at CES 2014 – Smallest 12W USB Wall Charger.

“Many of our customers have both Lighting and micro USB powered devices and become frustrated with how long a dedicated charger can take to power their other mobile devices,” said Kas Alves, Executive Vice President Scosche Industries. “superCUBE allows our customers to travel with just one wall charger, powering their devices at the speed the manufacture intended regardless of capacity or platform.”

The iOS and Android compatible superCUBE utilizes intelligent charging circuitry to charge USB powered devices at the fastest rate possible regardless of their make or model. superCUBE immediately recognizes the draw and supplies the necessary power accordingly.

Scosche says the superCUBE is 40% smaller than the competition, meaning that they can fight into tight charging spaces and still charge even the most power hungry tablets at the fastest rate possible.

The superCUBE will be available in January from Scosche. It will come in Black and White versions. No pricing was released.

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