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Like Your Whiskey Cold but Strong? Check Out Balls of Steel!

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Like Your Whiskey Cold but Strong? Check Out Balls of Steel!

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If you like your whiskey a bit chilled, but hate the way ice cubes melt and dilute the sweet elixir, then you will want to check out Balls of Steel. These whiskey drink chillers not only reduce the temperature of your drink without diluting it, but they also help battle testicular cancer.

Balls of Steel

The Tech In Balls of Steel

Premium whiskey coolers, these are made using “proprietary Arctic Core technology” that quickly cools your drink down and keeps it cool for an extended period of time. They cool your drink without watering it down. This, in turn, helps preserve the low notes of the whisky. The company went so far as to test Balls of Steel against other drink chillers. As they explain,

Unlike whiskey stones, which pickup freezer odors and are heavy, these are extremely lightweight. Each ball weighs 1/2 ounce and the set packs as much cooling power as six ice cubes.

The Cause Supported by Balls of Steel

If you think the name of the product is a bit edgy — some might even say sophomoric — you would be right. You ARE supposed to immediately think of the male anatomy when you see the product name; there is, however, a reason for the name being what it is. It turns out that 1 in 250 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer at some point in their life, and the people behind this product want to do something about that. If you are thinking  that there must be a personal connection for the company to want to do something about testicular cancer, then you would also be correct. You can read the full story here. Purchasing these drink chillers will help support research, since the company donates 15% of all of profits from sales to testicular cancer research. In addition,

You’re also contributing by using Balls of Steel, it’s natural to speak about our cause while using or gifting these whiskey chillers. Every conversation counts so let’s speak UP.

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These unique whiskey chillers are just $24.99 per set. Learn more here.

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