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KLEVV Is Looking to Make a Splash in the Gaming PC RAM Market

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KLEVV is a newcomer to the memory game, but they have the pedigree to prove their worth. They’re hitting the market with many levels of premium PC RAM to suit every taste. KLEVV has access to the finest memory chips due to their parent companies and are looking to make a dent in the Gaming PC memory market right away.

Klevv Cover

Let’s talk about KLEVV’s pedigree for a moment. KLEVV is the house brand of Essencore, which was founded by a group of top former Samsung and SK Hynix employees with their eyes to on the prize of making KLEVV the “Champion in Semiconductor Distribution & Premium Memory Products.” To fully explain KLEVV’s lineage, let’s go a little deeper. KLEVV’s parent company, Essencore, is a subdivision of SK C&C, which is the de facto holding company of SK Group. SK Group currently owns the world’s second largest memory Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) SK Hynix.

Currently, the top Integrated Chip (IC) manufacturers are Samsung, Micron, and SK Hynix. Samsung sells their ICs using their own brand name, Micro sells their ICs using their house brand Crucial, and now SK Hynix will be able to sell their ICs directly to the consumer through their companies Essencore and KLEVV. These relationships are very important, because having a close relationship with an IC manufacturer means that KLEVV will be able to get the best memory chips at a great price and that savings will be passed on to the consumer. It’s a win/win for KLEVV and the consumer. To learn a little bit more about KLEVV, see their brand introduction below:

22-Klevv Gear Diary-008

I was sent three out of four of their consumer RAM modules to test and review; the Genuine, Urbane, and Neo. The reason I wasn’t sent their Cras module was that it’s DDR4 and my test PC isn’t compatible. All of KLEVV’s RAM modules are carefully tested for quality and reliability. I was sent two 4GBx2 packages of each of their DDR3 offerings for my review process; read on below to find out more about each of KLEVV’s new consumer RAM products.

The KLEVV Genuine DDR3 RAM module is their current top of the line DDR3 product. The speed voltage I tested was 2666MHz 12-13-13 @ 1.65V. The RAM is 240 pin. The dimensions of a Genuine module is 133mm X 55mm X 8 mm. The Genuine only uses the most strictly screened memory ICs and has a beautiful heat sink design. My favorite thing about the Genuine, however, is the enchanting LED lighting design. Yes, I understand that most PCs are closed 99% of the time, but for those who have top-end PCs with viewing windows or for those who care about the aesthetics of a computer on the inside (calling Steve Jobs), you’ll love the look of the Geniune RAM module. The Genuine’s 4GBx2 package MSRP will start at $94.49 for the 1600MHz version.

03-Klevv Gear Diary

Look at those pretty LEDs!


04-Klevv Gear Diary-001

Look at those pretty LEDs!


07-Klevv Gear Diary-002

08-Klevv Gear Diary-003

09-Klevv Gear Diary-004

The KLEVV Urbane DDR3 RAM module is KLEVV’s middle-of-the-road DDR3 RAM module offering. The speed voltage I tested was 2800MHz 12-14-14 @ 1.65V. The RAM is 240 pin. The dimensions of an Urbane module is 133mm X 52mm X 8 mm. The Urbane also only uses carefully selected memory ICs to ensure top quality and speed. The design of the Urbane is unique in its simplicity while also achieving a sort of sophistication. Its heat sink design is sleek and intelligent and would look excellent in any PC. The Urbane’s 4GBx2 package MSRP will start at $78.29 for the 1600MHz version.

10-Klevv Gear Diary-005

11-Klevv Gear Diary-006

12-Klevv Gear Diary-007

15-Klevv Gear Diary-008

The KLEVV Neo DDR3 RAM module is KLEVV’s lower-end DDR3 RAM module offering, but don’t let that fool you into thinking its any less enticing than their other offerings. The speed voltage I tested was 2400MHZ 11-11-13 @ 1.65V. The RAM is 240 pin. The Neo’s dimensions are 133mm X 45mm X 8 mm. The Neo still uses select ICs for better performance and reliability, but uses a “less is more” approach to the design with a sleek, minimalistic look. The heat sink is intelligently designed to spread the heat well with less surface area. The Neo’s 4GBx2 package MSRP will start at $74.69 for the 1600MHz version.

16-Klevv Gear Diary-009

17-Klevv Gear Diary-010

18-Klevv Gear Diary-011

19-Klevv Gear Diary-012



My testing PC isn’t exactly top-of-the-line, but it gets the job done. You can see the testing environment of my PC, below. I used CPUZ and MAXXMEM to analyze each set of RAM modules.

02-Klevv Gear Diary-001

As you’ll see in the images, below, the KLEVV DDR3 RAM modules perform very well, especially when you consider their price tags.


KLEVV Genuine

05-Klevv Gear Diary-002
06-Klevv Gear Diary-003


KLEVV Urbane

13-Klevv Gear Diary-004

14-Klevv Gear Diary-005



20-Klevv Gear Diary-006

21-Klevv Gear Diary-007


After spending some time with KLEVV’s RAM modules, I can safely say that there is a place for them in the crowded PC Memory marketplace as long as they keep up their quality standards and competitive prices.  If you’re a PC Gaming enthusiast or a general Power PC enthusiast, you’ll be extremely happy with KLEVV’s performance, price, and design.

I am glad to have been given the opportunity to review KLEVV’s RAM offerings and look forward to KLEVV’s future consumer products.


All of KLEVV’s RAM modules will be available for purchase shortly at

Source: The KLEVV DDR3 RAM Modules were provided to me as a review sample by the manufacturer.

What I Like:  Beautiful designs; Solid construction; Great performance; Good pricing.

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing that I can see at this moment.

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