Swedish Company Doro Announces Smartphone for the Blind and Elderly

At Mobile World Congress, Doro, a Swedish global leader that specializes easy-to-use smartphones announced that they would have a variety of phones designed for the blind, as well as the elderly. The two devices announced, the Doro 820 Claria and Dora 820 Mini, both are designed for easy usage and seamless availability.

Swedish Company Doro Announces Smartphone for the Blind and Elderly

Doro comes prepared with research helping understand the need for these devices:

Across Europe there are over 2.5 million blind people and a further 26 million with some form of visual impairment. Furthermore, 90% of the visually impaired are aged +65yrs. Mass-market smartphones unfortunately do not meet the needs and desires of this vast target audience.

To overcome this Doro, the global leader in easy-to-use mobile phones for seniors, and Claria are joining forces. Claria (ex-Telorion) is an award-winning provider of mobile solutions for the visually impaired. The duo will be launching two new smartphones to address this noticeable gap within the mobile market.

Essentially the devices are controlled via touchscreen and a custom launcher, through additional casing, with holes that allow button presses. The silicon casting allows the elderly to replicate a standard phones key layout, with three buttons at the bottom bringing up their corresponding functions.

Making the phone easier for those of age, all features are voiced, and explain their to you exactly what gesture you’ve chosen. Included is a GPS system for navigation with information for the visually impaired. All of the functions you would expect from a standard smartphone like surfing the web and music are also included.

Loïc Dubié at Claria, says:

“We are exceptionally pleased to announce this exclusive partnership with Doro. The quality of Doro devices combined with its powerful commercial force will enable us to drastically accelerate the international development of our Claria Vox solution and improve the lives of many more blind people around the world”.

Doro is pleased to announce that its sleek and stylish smartphone – the Doro Liberto® 820 has won a Global Mobile Award from the GSMA. The device has been awarded the “Best Device for Mobile Accessibility & Inclusion”.

Swedish Company Doro Announces Smartphone for the Blind and Elderly
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