The Rufus Cuff Is a SmartWatch That Requires More of Your Wrist

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Smartwatches seem to be “the” thing these days. Every company has one, and although some have been flops, it’s a business that seems to be building up and getting better as time goes on. And then there’s the Rufus Cuff.

If you’re looking for a WRISTwatch, with extra emphasis on wrist, you may be in the market for the Rufus Cuff. The Rufus is a smartwatch that has been receiving crowdfunding thanks to IndieGogo, that will pretty much remind you of the Inspector Gadget’s computer wristwatch. 

The Rufus Cuff Is A SmartWatch That Requires More Of Your Wrist

Wielding a three-inch wide touchscreen, it’s safe to say T-Rex will not be able to use this thing (short arm syndrome). But the Rufus is certainly cutting edge and high tech. With a starting pledge of $299, the watch gives you the option to wear it on top of your wrist, or rotated under if you’re into that kind of thing. 

The Rufus Cuff will work with iOS and Android, but probably not your actual cufflinks. But the features alone will make you wear short sleeves in the winter. For starters it has it’s own camera. My current watch doesn’t have a camera, and I’m jealous. It also has a web browser, a built-in mic, GPS, and a speaker. Because why would I need a cell phone, right? You can even hook it up to Wifi if you’re in a dead-zone or if your phone decides it hates you using it so much and dies. 

The Rufus Cuff Is A SmartWatch That Requires More Of Your Wrist

If you were upset at the Galaxy Gear 2 (which you probably were), this is one of those novelty items that you don’t necessarily need, but you want. And it’s actually worth the pledge. I mean just look at their Indiegogo, they’ve raised over $430,000 of their goal of $200,000. 

The Rufus Cuff Is A SmartWatch That Requires More Of Your Wrist

All of this being said,  if you always wanted to live like the Jetsons, or you’re not crazy enough to spend $10,000 on a gold edition watch, this is a watch that you should seriously consider. Oh, and yes the Rufus Cuff will run Android OS. 

The Rufus Cuff Is A SmartWatch That Requires More Of Your Wrist

Go Fund the RUFUS CUFF today!

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