Monitor Your Home with the Ring Video Doorbell App for Mac

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Monitor Your Home with the Ring Video Doorbell App for Mac Listen to this article

If you’ve got a Ring Video Doorbell installed, then you already know how convenient it is to monitor your visitors from your Android or iOS device. Now you can get that same convenience from your Mac.

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Whether you are in your house, out running errands, or in another country — Ring lets you observe, talk to, and record video of anyone who comes to your front door.

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This is a fantastic way to monitor packages being delivered, who’s at your door, or what’s going on in front of your house from anywhere — the doorbell button does not have to be pressed for you to be notified of movement, and the result is security in the knowledge of exactly what’s going on when you aren’t necessarily there to monitor it for yourself.

If you have a Ring Video Doorbell, then you already know how convenient they are; having Mac access just makes it that much better. If you don’t have a Ring Video Doorbell yet, then this is just one more reason to think about getting one.

You can learn more about Ring here.

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