Haiku Series L Fan with Integrated LED: It’s Like a Glorious Caribbean Breeze

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  • Automatic Comfort: SenseME Technology is enabled in L Series fans by the optional Haiku Wall Control. This wirelessly connected, intuitive controller allows you to personalize your comfort and conserve energy year round. SenseME works automatically, adjusting its settings when room conditions like occupancy, temperature and humidity change to keep you effortlessly comfortable.
  • Award-Winning Design: Haiku fans’ outstanding design and breakthrough technology has been recognized with more than 50 awards from organizations like CES, ENERGY STAR, Popular Science and the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Exceptional Efficiency: Sculpted airfoils and a specifically engineered motor help L Series fans to perform four times more efficiently than ENERGY STAR air movement standards require.
  • Versatile Controls: Control L Series’ seven speeds, along with modes like Sleep, timer and Whoosh, with the push of a button. Use the included hand-held remote control to select your preferred settings or personalize your comfort with a Wall Control and the free Haiku Home app for iOS and Android.
  • Long-Lasting Silence: L Series fans are tested in a state-of-the-art sound chamber to ensure silent operation at any speed. Each set of L Series airfoils are hand-balanced so that your fan won’t wobble or squeak, because Haiku fans are meant to be felt, not heard.

This fan is amazing! Seriously, simply from an aesthetic perspective, it is a home run and that doesn’t take into account the functionality of the fan and the light. The light is bright enough to illuminate our entire bedroom. And since it can be controlled from both the remote and the smartphone, it is convenient to dim and then turn it off once in bed for the night. Add in the Wall Control and Amazon Echo integration — both of which will be covered in a seperate review — and you have a smart light you will love. We did not, however, get this for the light. No, the core functionality of this product is the fan and on that front it is also a winner. The fan is silent and moves a ton of air. The adjustments can be done from the remote, smartphone or, as noted, the Wall Control and Amazon Echo. The ability to set a sleep time or use the cool Woosh feature adds to the attraction of this fan. Yeah… We love this fan and you will too! How much do we love it? Enough that I want one in the living room as well. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Haiku Series L fan with integrated LED

What I Like: Great, silent fan; Bright integrated light; Multiple options for controlling the fan and the light; Looks awesome

What Needs Improvement: This is the most affordable Haiku fan and it is still pricey

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