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Satechi Type-C Multiport Adapter: Slim, Multi-Featured, and Extremely Handy

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The MacBook is one of the most capable (and portable) laptops I’ve ever used, but getting acclimated to its single Type-C port has been an adjustment. Products like the Satechi Type-C Multiport Adapter are making the transition much easier.


The Satechi comes in space gray, silver, gold and rose gold to match your MacBook; I was sent the gold version.


This Type-C multiport adapter has a pass-through USB charger so you can plug it into your MacBook’s Type-C port and still charge the laptop while you are taking advantage of the multiports.

The adapter measures 4.2″ long by 1.1″ wide by 0.2″ thick, and it has a 6″ long cable coming off the bottom. The adapter is portable, light, and easily tucked into even the slimmest gear bag pocket. The adapter is plug and play; you won’t need any additional software or drivers to make it work. Its body is composed of brushed aluminum with black plastic accents.


On the bottom end, there is a 4K HDMI port; if you have a monitor that you’d like to attach to your MacBook, this will make it possible. Satechi mentions that you should use HDMI 2.0 cables “for optimum performance”.


On the side, there is a Type-C port where you can plug your power cable; there are also two Type-A USB 3.0 ports for any other peripherals you need to attach.


The Satechi Type-C Multiport Adapter is the slim yet multi-talented accessory I have been looking for, and it now sits in one of the slim pockets inside my backpack as an everyday carry item. This adapter makes my MacBook an even fuller-featured computer; bets of all, it will work with any Type-C tablet or laptop — it’s not Mac only.

The Satechi Type-C Multiport Adapter retails for $59.99, and it is available from Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Slim design that doesn’t take up much space; A 4K HDMI port so you can attach a monitor to your laptop; Works with any Type-C enabled laptop or tablet; Adds two USB Type-A 3.o ports; Pass-through Type-C charging

What Needs Improvement: So far I have no complaints whatsoever!

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