Gear Diary’s Home Tech Holiday Gift Guide

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For the home that spends tons of money on fancy seltzer:

SodaStream Aqua Fizz

SodaStream’s new Aqua Fizz ($179.99) was designed to be the most premium sparkling water machine in the world. The sleek, well-designed machine allows you to make sparkling water in elegant glass carafes that promise to look good on your dining table. The CO2 cylinder allows you to make up to 60L of sparkling water before needing replacement and the unit comes with 2 glass carafes with fizz-preserving caps.  The 2 glass carafes hold about 0.65 liters each, so you may be refilling them a lot depending on how much your family loves sparkling water.  The Aqua Fizz is a great gift for those sparkling water lovers out there.


For the musically inclined home:

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Yamaha DTX-400K Electric Drum Set


Gear Diary's Home Tech Holiday Gift Guide

Yamaha’s new DTX-400K Electric Drum Set ($799) is the perfect gift for anyone who loves music and wants to learn how to play the drums.  An electronic drum set is especially perfect for parents who want their kids to learn how to play, but who also want to maintain peace and quiet in their house.  With an electronic drum set, the sound is transmitted to the musician’s headphones, not echoing around the house!  Featuring 10 legendary drum sets, training features, and realistic feeling pads & kicks, the Yamaha DTX-400K is a great choice for kids and adults alike.  Stay tuned to Gear Diary for a full review, coming soon!


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