Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go

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Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go Listen to this article

Just a few years ago, Judie wrote an article about Skyroam, and how great of a product it is when traveling abroad. As someone who travels a lot stateside, but still is looking for a solid connection everywhere I go, the Skyroam piqued my interest with their new GoData Initiative. Let’s take a look at the new way of staying connected.

Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go

Skyroam’s main goal is to break down WiFi barriers with their 5-star rated hotspot, the Skyroam Solis. They sent me over a unit to review, and the past few weeks, it’s been my go-to solution for solid connectivity everywhere I go — out of town, the coffee shop, and certainly abroad.

Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go

Over the holidays is when my wife and I do the most traveling for the occasional wedding, to visit family, or just as an excuse to use up our PTO. Prior to receiving the Solis, we had a frequent first world problem: Asking the hotel lobby for the WiFi code, and getting unsecured, spotty internet, or even worse — being in locations that lacked internet to begin with. That’s where the Skyroam Solis comes in to save the say.

Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go

Taking the form of a hockey puck, the Skyroam Solis (available for $149.99) is a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that when coupled with Skyroam’s Go Data pay-as-you-go subscription plan will make sure that you’re never without a network. Before you complain about adding another subscription to your monthly bills, hear me out. Not only do you only pay for what you use, there’s no monthly contract, which is totally unlike what I had when I was paying for a Verizon Hotspot. For $9.00 a month (per gigabyte), the Solis allows you to connect to the best network in whatever location you are in. I wish I had this back in March when I traveled to London because the solution I had then was mediocre at best. Skyroam Solis service is available in 130 or more countries, so you can say goodbye to boggled down networks with less than stellar service when using the Solis.

I’m personally not a fan of being throttled on my data, and apparently so is Skyroam. Their counter to users being “Throttled” is their 24-hour pay as you go day pass”. The always-on solution by Skyroam gives users High-Speed 4G LTE that you can use for 30 minutes or thirty days, it doesn’t matter! How many times have you been in the airport, connected to the public WiFi, only to spend precious moments refreshing on a slow network. This is even MORE true when you travel in multiple countries with congested WiFi networks. You can monitor all of your data with the Solis iOS or Android app to keep tabs on your used data, which is very helpful as well.

Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go

The Solis by Skyroam works great for couples. I currently have a GoData monthly 1GB plan which is great for Jess and I to use on trips. We typically download movies and shows on our home WiFi before a trip, so we connect the Skyroam when we travel for moments where we absolutely have to have service, like when checking into our flights or checking back on our home. When we are out on excursions or just out on the town, the Solis doubles as a power bank, with an onboard 6200 mAh battery with a USB-C connection which is just as fast at charging your devices as it is for your data. Kudos to Skyroam for doing that.

Skyroam Gives You Great Connectivity Wherever You Go

Right now, Skyroam is bundling together both a year of GoData (1GB) with a Skyroam Solis for $199 which is over 40% in savings right there. If you have plans of traveling over the holidays, get this bundle. You’ve possibly seen the kiosk at the mall or in airports, but trust me, purchase it online today for one hell of a holiday deal by visiting this link.

Source: Manufacture supplied review Unit

What I Like: Fast 4G Internet everywhere; Great for travelers but also great for local reliable internet

What Needs Improvement: 1GB of data may not be enough for larger family trips, but luckily the price of $9 for each extra GB is more than affordable

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