VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

Vapes offer a way for adult smokers to get satisfaction without lighting a cigarette, but now they have gone high-tech. A case in point is VUSE Alto®. It’s modern and convenient, and it lets you get satisfaction from a vapor product in ways you never expected.

Perhaps, best of all, the VUSE Alto Original Kit super affordable at just $29.99 plus tax for a kit. 

GearDiary VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

Vaping is not, of course, for everyone. If you are a current adult smoker who is looking to get away from lighting cigarettes and all that smoking tobacco entails, vapes, like VUSE Alto are an option worth considering.

The Alto Original Kit includes a power unit, one original flavor pod, and a USB charger. That’s enough to get you set up and vaping in seconds: you just pop the flavor pod into the battery unit, draw on the mouthpiece, and you’re set.

GearDiary VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

Alto offers flavor pods at the affordable price of two for just $13.49. There are four flavors available: rich tobacco, original, mixed berry, and menthol. Original is my favorite so far, but the menthol is tasty, too. There’s even a flavor pack, which consists of two pods, auto-ship option with a 10% discount when ordering through the VUSE website.

GearDiary VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

Alto’s slim metal body hides the fact that there is some seriously great tech built into the system, so before we talk about the vaping experience, let’s take a closer look at the components that make up the Alto.

At the top of the Alto pod, there is a mouthpiece which was specially designed for a smooth, quiet and comfortable draw.

Just below the base of the Alto pod is a heat chamber that combines a ceramic wick with an alloy heating element that delivers a large amount of vapor per draw. These components and several others combine to create the VUSEVaporSystem™, which VUSE says delivers “a quiet, smooth and satisfying experience.” They’re not wrong.

GearDiary VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

At the very bottom of the Alto pod, there is a QuickConnect system. The pod and the power unit connect magnetically to create a secure connection without the need to twist, turn or otherwise worry about making the proper connection between the two.

GearDiary VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

I’ve carried the Alto in my pocket and in my bag, and I’ve been pleased to find that the pod stays firmly attached to the power unit.

The Alto power unit is a rechargeable battery base that gives you plenty of vaping pleasure per charge, thanks to the EasyCharge magnetic connection it makes with the Alto charger. Just plug it in, and the power unit quickly receives a full charge that lasts me a bit more than a day. The battery base employs SmartPower™, which effectively regulates the power output when you draw, ensuring the perfect puff; the SmartDraw™ technology automatically triggers the power unit to activate the heating element, thus removing the need to power the Alto on and off between use.

With the ActiveLight on the front of the Alto, VUSE has taken the guesswork out of vaping. When you draw from the Alto, the unit activates and the diamond-shaped green LED glows to let you know the unit has enough power to produce a flavorful vapor. This same LED will blink to let you know if the power unit is empty and needs to be charged. When it’s time to charge, you simply connect the unit to the magnetic charger; once the Alto is fully charged the green LED will disappear, letting you know it’s ready. You can also use the Alto while it’s attached to the charger if you accidentally let it run all the way down.

GearDiary VUSE Alto: Vaping Made Simple, Convenient, and Satisfying

VUSE Alto is a great piece of technology underlying a modern, convenient vape; it delivers a smooth draw that has great taste and just the right amount of vapor. It makes vaping simple and satisfying. If you’re looking for an alternative to lighting up a cigarette that for me, comes closest to a true smoking experience, the VUSE Alto will not disappoint. You can learn more about VUSE Alto and order here.

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