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Movano Evie Aims to Stylishly Quantify Women’s Health

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It is hard to believe that it’s 2023 and women’s health is still not taken seriously, but that’s the reality in the medical world today. Gender bias in health care is a huge issue, and while technology can’t fix it 100%, Movano Health is trying to take a big step forward with the Evie, their new wearable smart ring designed for women.

Three Movano Evie rings stacked, with a silver colored one on the left, a gold colored one in the middle, and a rose gold colored one on the right.

It’s not just that the Movano Evie is a smart ring. The company is seeking FDA clearance for Evie, which means the data that wearers receive from the device will be considered reliable for patient care.

So when someone uses the accompanying app to track their heart rate, SpO2, skin temperature, activity, etc and brings that data to their doctor, there’s a degree of confidence that the information is accurate.

Putting medical-grade tracking in a small device that’s stylish and easy to wear all day is a huge leap forward. Combining that with the possibility of breaking through the inequities in measuring women’s health is exciting.

Movano does say that Evie will have cycle tracking, but they don’t indicate whether you can opt out of it, so we’ll have to sit tight on that.

The good news is that the Movano Evie will retail for under $300, and the expectation is that there will be no additional subscription cost for the companion app, making it a one-time cost.

You can learn more about the Movano Evie here.

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