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The DRACOdesign AERO Dual Protection Metal Bumper Case for iPhone XS Max Review

DRACOdesign used to require a little screwdriver for installing and removing their metal bumper cases, but a lot has changed since our last DRACOdesign review in 2015. The DRACOdesign AERO Dual Protection Metal Bumper Case is now available for the iPhone XR and XS Max; it doesn’t hamper Qi charging or your wireless signal, and it doesn’t require a screwdriver.

DRACOdesign’s DUCATI Ultra slim iPhone 6 Case Review

DRACOdesign’s DUCATI Ultra slim iPhone 6 case is the result of a collaboration between DUCATI and DRACOdesign. The result, in this case, is a thin, light and stunning case that protects your phone while also making a bold statement. I’m not a DUCATI fan but I cannot help but find this case more than a bit intriguing.

DRACOdesign SUPERNOVA Aluminum Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S5

One criticism (warranted) of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is that, by sticking with the plastic body for this generation of their latest phone, Samsung has made a high-end phone that doesn’t feel so high-end. DRACOdesign has a solution to the “cheap plastic feel” of the phone with its $79.99 DRACOdesign SUPERNOVA Aluminum Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S5. Here’s a look.

DRACOdesign HYDRA Ducati Aluminum Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S4 – Adds Sporty Good Looks and Protection

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you want corner protection without covering up your phone more than absolutely necessary, then the $99.99 DRACO design HYDRA for S4 bumper case may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s sleek, made of aluminum, and it manages to make the S4 look even hotter! As you may have guessed by looking at these pictures, the DRACOdesign HYDRA is an officially…

DRACOdesign ONE Aluminum Bumper for HTC One – Sexy Curves for My Favorite Android

I absolutely love my HTC One. Unfortunately, it is not the most popular Android phone (even if I think it should be), so my case options have been limited to bulky, plastic, and ugly … until now. I recently received DRACOdesign’s gorgeous $79.99 ONE Aluminum Bumper, and it is now somewhat permanently attached to my phone. Here’s why … I’ve reviewed plenty of aluminum bumper cases over the years, but…

DRACOdesign EVO for iPhone 4/4S Review

We recently reviewed DRACODesign’s Cleave Crystal case for iPhone 4/4S (read the review). It is a nice, bumper-style case that avoids the issue of signal degradation thanks to its non-metallic construction. As the company puts it By using polycarbonate as base material, the bumper is hard on the surface to prevent from scratch with elasticity around the frame of the bumper for shock absorption to protect your iPhone4/4S. CLEAVE weights only…

DRACOdesign CLEAVE CRYSTAL Bumper for iPhone 4/4S review

So you love the look of those fancy aluminum-frame designed iPhone cases but don’t love the added weight or the impact they can have on the iPhone’s signal strength. Well good news… DRACOdesign’s CLEAVE CRYSTAL Bumper for iPhone 4/4S offers the same great style in a plastic case that is light and has zero (ZERO!) impact on your phone’s signal. Let’s take a look. From DRACOdesign: This crystal edition iphone4/4S…

Draco Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus Is Strong, Elegant, and Stylish

The Draco Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 6 Plus is a minimal yet beautiful bumper case that wraps the outside of your iPhone in aircraft grade aluminum. It’s a lightweight and elegant design that not only protects your device but also showcases the beauty of the iPhone as well. These gorgeous bumpers can be purchased for $99.99.

DEEP BASS Active Control Headphone Amplifier for iOS Devices Review

Last week we took a look at the latest iOS app from SRS labs. The app takes the audio coming from the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and enhances it in remarkable ways. The main downside with the app is that in order to get the audio enhancement you need to use the app for your music. Try to listen to music from any other source, for example Spotify, and…