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Keyport Launching Slide 3.0 and Keyport Pivot to Further Tame Your Keyring

Do you have so many keys you can’t keep track of them all? Can your family hear you approaching from down the street by the jingle of your keyring? Could you slim down your keys but you just can’t part with your flashlight, pocketknife, and that mystery key you found in a drawer? Enter the Keyport Slide 3.0 and Keyport Pivot!

Keyport Slide Ice Introduced to Reinvented Keychain Lineup

I hate having a pocketful of keys! Between work and home I seem to have several pounds of them with me daily. The Keyport Slide 2.0 reinvented the keychain, allowing users to carry up to six keys or inserts at one time keeping them neat and easy to use; their newly introduced Ice Keyport can be purchased for $29.

Keyport: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The saga that is the Keyport key fob has finally come to a conclusion; and yes, it’s a successful conclusion at that. After months — years, actually — of waiting, several revisions, updated philosophy and updated direction,  Keyport launched its brand new web site today, and most importantly is ready to begin accepting orders for their key fob. If you…

Keyport Key Fob – Product Vaporware

Promises, promises, promises.  At one time in my life I worked for a small, start up company.  For the entire first year the company existed all we did was market.  We had no product to sell, only a few working prototypes.  We traveled the world displaying these prototypes at trade shows to very interested customers.  We had the prettiest booth…

Key-Port Unboxing: The Journey Continues

Earlier this week I wrote an Gear Diary entry about my experience over the last two years with Key-Port. I mentioned in the article that I had asked Key-Port to return my keys to me and later that day I heard from a Key-Port representative who assured me they’d send them back. I heard from a few “doubters” including our own Wayne Schulz…