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Mobile Edge Verona Laptop Tote Is Fashionable Functionality

While it may be functional to grab a backpack to carry all her stuff to the office, my wife prefers something a bit more stylish for her personal and work items in her professional environment. Enter Mobile Edge For Her and its new Verona Laptop Tote that offers combines fashion-inspired styling with real world functionality.

The Mobile Edge Tech Briefcase Review: A Stylish & Slim Commuter

I am amazed at how much stuff I used to carry in a gear bag. The bags were huge and packed with back-breaking weight. As our devices get lighter and smaller, the need for huge, heavy bags is a thing of the past. The Mobile Edge Tech Briefcase promises to make your commute stylish and slim at only $79.99.

Mobile Edge’s UrgentPower DX 5200 Review: Immediate Power for All!

Perhaps one day, mobile phones will be invented that have batteries that recharge themselves as the person carrying them walks around. Until then, we’ll have to continue relying upon charging cords, AC/DC adapters, and extended batteries. If you’re still shopping for a mini power plant, Mobile Edge‘s UrgentPower DX 5200 is small enough to carry around for unforeseen charging emergencies.

New Alienware Gaming Laptop Cases Unveiled by Mobile Edge

  Even if you don’t have one of those super-powerful Alienware M18x, M17x, M14x, or M11x gaming laptops, you can still carry your all of your gear in style. Mobile Edge has released two new Alienware branded bags, the Orion Messenger and the Tactical Backpack … For the M11x, there are two durable cases offered. The sleek M11x Neoprene Sleeve has easy access carrying handles and an outside zippered compartment for accessories. The semi-rigid M11x Portfolio is ideal for travel with a unique design that allows you to use the laptop while still inside the case. The all new M14x has three case options which…

Mobile Edge Has Got Your Back If You Are Worried About Privacy

Are you feeling a bit spooked by all the recent stories about how our mobile phones are transmitting our GPS data, who we are talking to, and other possibly sensitive information? Here is one solution that might help: buy a bag that has a wireless security shield.  What that means is that when your phone is placed in the pocket — even if it is turned on and otherwise fully functioning, no data, calls or GPS will be able to come or go. Wireless Security Shield™ In an effort to help provide ultimate security for your Bluetooth enabled Cell phone…

Review: Mobile Edge Sumo Messenger Bag

We’ve been looking for a good bag for my wife’s new laptop.  Her new laptop would not fit into her old bag since she was using a netbook.  When Mobile Edge’s Sumo Messenger Bag came up for review, I jumped at the chance.  Will my wife be happy with this new bag? I was sent the Sumo Messenger bag in red.  Chalk up one point for Mobile Edge picking a color my wife likes with red being a favorite! This bag has a ton of pockets on it.  On the exterior there is one on the flap. two on the…

Mobile Edge Women’s Netbook Bag Review

The tough part of trying to look professional is finding the right bag. It’s especially difficult if you are a woman; do you carry a purse AND a briefcase? If you choose briefcase, do you grab a bag small enough to double as a purse, or do you keep a small bag in your desk for lunchtime errands? Personally, I hate purses, small bags, etc. My pants came with pockets for a reason! Sadly, they don’t make cargo pants for women’s suits. That’s where bags like the Mobile Edge Netbook Bag come in…

Mobile Edge ECO Messenger Laptop Bag Review

To frame for a second just how eco-centric my family is, let me give an example: on our recent vacation to Ohio, we returned with two trash bags full of recyclable materials because we found the recycling in the area we stayed inadequate. Also, a recent report showed that simultaneous to an explosion of ‘green’ advertising, as many as 98% of all ‘green’ product advertisements are misleading. So, when someone claims to make an eco-friendly product, I am immediately skeptical. Therefore the Mobile Edge ECO Messenger gets a double-look here: first and foremost for its utility as a messenger bag,…

The Mobile Edge Element Briefcase Review

Just in time for fall comes this beautiful new bag from Mobile Edge, the Element Briefcase. With its moss green poly-suede exterior, chocolate faux leather trim, and white contrasting stitching, this bag is neutral enough to compliment any fall or winter outfit. But good looks are one thing; organization and laptop protection are just as important as presentation. Let’s take a look at how the Element measures up… The Element is meant to be carried as a briefcase; two 15″ rolled faux leather handles are on either side, and although a woman with thinner arms could carry it on her…

The Mobile Edge / Maddie Powers Cutebug Laptop Messenger Bag Review

I was eager to review the Mobile Edge /Maddie Powers Cutebug Laptop Messenger Bag, because it is one of the most original I’ve ever seen. Combining the extremely well executed features we have come to expect from Mobile Edge with the sassy iconic images Maddie Powers’ designs borrow from 1940s and 50s pulp fiction magazines, the Cutebug Laptop Messenger Bag is one hot tamale. Check it out… photo courtesy of Mobile Edge

The Mobile Edge Monaco Notebook Case Review

I’ve always enjoyed reviewing the laptop bags offered by Mobile Edge, because they make some of the best looking and most reasonably priced computer totes available. Today I am going to take a close look at the Monaco Notebook Case, which from the outside appears to be a stylish but still somewhat conservative laptop bag, but its brightly colored interior holds a few surprises. The Monaco’s exterior is composed of quilted black nylon with faux leather trim, and it is available with either white or pink contrast stitching. From the outside, it very much resembles the Hermes Plume bag, with…

Apple 3G iPad on EDGE Using a T-Mobile SIM? Here’s How

If you were grandfathered into a low-priced T-Mobile data plan (remember the $5.99/month deal?), if you don’t mind EDGE speeds, and if don’t want to pay an extra $30/month to use the AT&T iPad data plan, this DIY hack may be just what you have been looking for. Granted, you won’t be able to pop your T-Mo SIM back into your phone, but why let that stop you? iPadInsider has posted a DIY hack that they say will make your T-Mobile SIM work on your Apple iPad … DISCLAIMER: We have not tested this, so this information may be inaccurate…

Snapdragon Tech Summit Day One: Introducing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform

At the yearly Snapdragon Summit, we’ve come to expect news regarding Qualcomm’s upcoming mobile platforms that will be powering soon-to-be-released flagship mobile devices, and this year was no exception; we now have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform to anticipate. Building on the success of the Snapdragon 888+ 5G system on chip, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is touted as able to deliver even faster 5G speeds, create more impressive photographs and video, take AI experiences to new levels, and yes, it will also provide more visually stimulating and immersive gaming experiences.

Omnicharge Omni Mobile 25600 Review: Powerful, Portable, and Laptop Capable

Let’s say that you are going on a weekend trip, and you want to make are that you’ll be able to keep your laptop, phone, and tablet charged without bringing a bunch of extra cables and wall adapters. What if that trip happens to be somewhere remote without easy access to power from wall outlets. What would you pack? If you’re looking for the easiest, most powerful, and most portable power solution, my suggestion would be the Omnicharge Omni Mobile 25600.

Nuu Mobile G3+ Review: A Surprisingly Decent and Affordable Smartphone

The days of having to pay big bucks to get a decent mobile phone are officially over; I’m declaring them dead. We have lots of choices for better than basic phones under $500 now; the Nuu Mobile G3+ is a well-built, unlocked phone with a few compromises, and it is less than $250 with no contracts or obligations. No, really.

Just Mobile AluBase Wireless: Up to 10W of High-Speed Charging Depending on Your Device

If you have an Android phone, you’ll generally know when fast charging is occurring because an on-screen message lets you know. On the iPhone, the only way to tell that fast wireless charging is occurring is to observe how quickly your phone charges during a time period (no, really). Apple fast wireless charging happens at 7.5W and Samsung’s happens at 10W; the Just Mobile AluBase Wireless can handle both.

Gear Diary’s Best of Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress has just wrapped up, and wow — it was a doozy. So many new devices were announced, and there was never a dull moment. We were in Barcelona for the event, and it was tough knowing that we could only pick 10 for our ‘best of’, but here they are — Gear Diary’s Best of Mobile World Congress 2019!