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Rocketbook and Think Board Team Up on Kickstarter for a Rocketbook’d Whiteboard

The folks at Rocketbook make an awesome product. Jot down your thoughts, snap a photo with the app, and upload it to the cloud service or email of your choice. Wipe your notebook clean, and do it all over again. They’ve teamed up with the folks at Think Board to combine Rocketbook’s magic with Think Board’s peel and stick whiteboards to create the Think Board X, so even your murderboard can be properly immortalized in the cloud.

Honey, They Shrunk the Rocketbook Everlast (Mini!)

I adore my Rocketbook Everlast, and routinely fill it with workout notes, then scan it, wipe it clean, and start over. Sometimes, though, I need something smaller and more portable, and Rocketbook has the ultimate solution with their new Rocketbook Everlast Mini, a smaller, reporters notebook style with the same wipe-clean features as the bigger Everlast!

You Can Rinse & Repeat All of Your Notes with the Rocketbook

I have to admit, I have a habit of not using my phone’s “Notes” app nearly as much as I should, which results in countless amounts of scrap sheet of paper and post-it notes left everywhere with my thoughts. At least that was how things were until I received the Rocketbook Wave Erasable notepad. Now I’ve used everything from erasable pens to pens that claim they don’t bleed through paper, but the Rocketbook Wave is something truly special. Never have I ever had a notebook that claims to be able to allow you to write what you wish in a…

Gear Diary’s 2019 Back to School Guide

September is almost here, and you’re probably seeing endless “Back to School” commercials which can only mean one thing — people are headed back to the classroom. We’ve found quite a few products that you might enjoy, whether you are a parent, a student, or even a teacher.

The 5 Best School Gadgets for Fall 2018

While school is already in full swing, it’s never too late to add some school gadgets and supplies to your shopping list. The Fall 2018 semester is all about sleek, advanced technology that makes it easier and more intuitive to learn and grasp challenging academic topics.