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September 28, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Soda Stream Penguin Starter Kit

I’ve been writing for a long time, and one of the things that I learned early on, is that there’s a lot to like about most everything you get to review.  Your TRUE opinion usually hits after the honeymoon period is over.  THAT can last a couple of months, depending on the device/gadget/thingy you’re reviewing. …

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August 13, 2009 • Reviews

Comparing MacBooks – Mine is Better than Yours

I’ve had a Mac laptop since 2006.  I love my notebook and carry it just about everywhere I go.  That’s part of my problem. The contents of my Gear Bag My Gear Bag holds just about everything that I might need in my portable office.  I have my 13” Unibody MacBook, my MSI Wind, a copy …

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June 16, 2009 • Editorials

5 Years of Free Internet Left?

I saw this the other day on ZDNet and wanted to say a couple of things. I promise to make this short and not ramble on too much.  I’ve been cooking this response for the past couple of days, and it may still not be fully there yet… At the Advertising 2.0 conference, Barry Diller, …

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May 29, 2009 • Reviews

Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 Storage Array Review

Storage. If you don’t have it, you’re going to get caught holding the short end of the hard drive.  If your drive goes south, without backup storage and some type of backup strategy, you could be in a world of hurt.  Everyone here at Gear Diary knows what that means… We’ve had a couple of …

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April 13, 2009 • News

Put Your eBook Library on Your Kindle

If you’re like me, you’ve got GOBS of eBooks, likely in more than one format, all over the place.  I’ve got tons of books in MS Reader format (now THERE’S a blast from the past that most of us would like to forget), eReader format, MobiPocket format, etc.  Some of the books that I have …

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February 24, 2009 • Reviews

Vaja 4G Nano iVolution Grip Case with GoClip Review

I honestly think that Apple makes the best MP3 player on the market.  I know there are a lot of people that would like to debate that point, but in my mind, and in my opinion, even though they didn’t release the first player, they were the first ones to get the experience right.  They …

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February 17, 2009 • Reviews

Corinex Power Line Networking Transmitters/Receivers Review

Broadband networking. Its something that EVERYONE wants in their home…in every home across America… heck, in every home across the world. The biggest problem with getting broadband in your home is not necessarily availability (though that is an issue), but piping the signal though your home.   

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February 8, 2009 • Reviews

USB Fever/iPDA Auto Charger/FM Transmitter for 5G iPod

Some of the best things about having an iPod is being able to play YOUR music just about anywhere, any time you want.  If you’re the kind of person that has the music in them all the time, allowing it to resonate in your ears when you want or need it to is important (hence, …

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February 8, 2009 • Reviews

Glasi Hergiswil Pilsner Beer Glass Review

Hello, my name is Christopher, and I like beer. In fact, in my humble opinion, there is only ONE thing that I like about living in Chicago during the winter – my garage keeps my beer colder than my refrigerator.  When they say in those beer commercials that the beverage is best served cold, come …

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January 21, 2009 • How to Do It Yourself!

OSX and Windows 7 – Dual Booting the Wind

Not being the type that can leave well enough alone, I installed Windows 7 to my Wind as planned on 1/18/09. Windows 7 is interesting. I’m still exploring… However, after I installed 7, I really wanted to see if I could put OSX back on.  Having the dual boot is really cool; and the dual …

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January 19, 2009 • How to Do It Yourself!

Update on Windows 7: Blowin’ in the Breeze, Part 4

This is just a short note, kids to let you know where I am with my Wind after this weekend’s article.  I’ve completely blown the box, so XP is OFF the Wind.  I took a couple of hours and put Windows 7 on it, and find it very interesting. I’m not completely sold on it …

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January 18, 2009 • How to Do It Yourself!

How To Dual Booting the MSI Wind

Over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of people talk about netbook computers and how hackable they are. Sites like JKontheRun, The Gadgeteer, and even Gear Diary have all posted articles on hacking this particular netbook.  While none of these sites recommends hacking ANY device, it does go a long way to  showing …

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January 4, 2009 • Reviews

Samsung Epix Review

I’ve been a Blackjack user (on and off) since May of 2007.  I absolutely love the form factor, 320×240 screen, QWERTY keyboard, and (nearly) one handed operation. I liked it so much, that I used it for well over 9 months, which for me, is an eternity. I change devices about every 7 months on …

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January 3, 2009 • How to Do It Yourself!

Dual Booting the MSI Wind: Blowing in the Breeze, Part 3

This is an update to my earlier post regarding the Wind and OSX; and is just a quick update, kids…  It took a bit of doing, AND I gave up on trying to figure out how to create a bootable, Windows based USB stick. I pulled down 2 different tools, and neither could make the …

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December 31, 2008 • How to Do It Yourself!

Blowing in the Breeze Part 2 – OSX 10.5.6 & the MSI Wind

Before I get started, I wanted to say special thanks go out to Dan Cohen, who stayed up with me until 3am Eastern/2am Central working on the Flash drive needed to get this all done. So… OSX 10.5.6 and the MSI Wind… Yah ok… maybe not so much. Quick update – I’ve got OSX installed …

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November 16, 2008 • Reviews

Devotec Solar Charger Review

If there’s one thing that I know about all of the mobile electronics I’ve got, its that power is a problem. I’ve got more device holders and power cords in my car than I know what to do with, AND I have so many that I had to get a goo-jam that increased the number …

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November 13, 2008 • Reviews

E-TEN V900 WM6.1 Device Review

I’ve been very fortunate to have a wonderful working relationship with the folks over at E-TEN, now part of the Acer family.  The folks associated with the Glofiish mobile devices have been wonderful to work with, and have been very generous. Over the years, they have been kind enough to send me a number of …

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October 26, 2008 • Reviews

StarTech USBVGA Dock Review

I’ve been a portable computer advocate for YEARS.  In fact, until my most recent job, every computer that I’ve used for work AND personal use over the last 12 years has been a laptop.  Personally, aside from a cost perspective and justification, I don’t know why corporations continue to buy desktop computers.  Laptop/portable computers tend …

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October 1, 2008 • Editorials

The iPhone 3G as a Business Tool – Part 3

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been looking at the iPhone 3G as a business tool. It’s been an interesting time. I’ve gotten quite a large number of comments on the iPhone OS and its advantages and challenges in the Enterprise and in a business environment. Last week’s comments on Calendaring, also in the Enterprise …

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September 7, 2008 • Reviews

E-TEN V900 WM Pro 6.1 Mobile Device Unboxing

I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful working relationship with the folks over at E-TEN, now officially a part of the Acer family!  I received a wonderful surprise the other day.  E-TEN (now Acer, now that the merger between the two has completed) sent me the V900 WM Pro 6.1 mobile device!

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August 20, 2008 • Editorials

Is 64bit Vista Ready for Prime Time?

There’s been a big push by Microsoft to get everyone to cross over to the 64bit version of Vista. Are you and your hardware ready for it? I’ve got a MacBook Pro. I purchased the notebook in December of 2006. It’s the low end unit, with a 2.16 GHz C2D processor, 4GB of RAM (yes, …

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