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October 13, 2009 • Reviews

Review: PlanOn Printstik Bluetooth Printer for BlackBerry

Back in August, we wrote about the PlanOn Printstik Bluetooth printer for BlackBerry devices.  This past week, PlanOn provided a review unit on loan, and allowed me to put it through its paces for several days.   Now that the Printstik has been returned, what did I like about it?  What could be improved?  More …

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October 10, 2009 • Editorials

Get Your Caffeine on with Gear Diary

It started innocently enough.  One morning last week Wayne sent an email asking if any of the writers liked Starbuck’s after he had accumulated a fairly large amount of points — $370 worth — on his own Starbuck’s rewards card.  Then today Carly spotted a great deal on Woot! for a Breville 15-Bar Expresso & …

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September 29, 2009 • Reviews

Wicked Blogging Right on Your BlackBerry Review

A few years ago someone would believe you were crazy if you told them you were going to manage a blog using only a smartphone.  Today, however, that notion seems just as commonplace as surfing the web, updating your social networks and communicating with friends, family, or colleagues in real-time — all from your “phone.” …

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September 23, 2009 • Reviews

myKite Brings Brightkite to BlackBerry Review

myKite is the Brightkite application for BlackBerry.  Previously known as “BrightBerry” when it was in Beta, the MyKite app is a social networking tool geared to simplify meeting people based on the places you go. The fact that it ties into other existing social networks  — like Twitter and Facebook — means myKite will compliment, …

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September 22, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Rentobile – The Solution for Phone Freaks and Those Who Don’t Like Contracts?

Imagine Christmas day coming every single month — except without all the hassle of going out dealing with crowds, carolers, fruitcake, eggnog and extended family staying over at your house for just a few days longer than your sanity can muster.  Just the goodies.  Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, if you are …

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September 11, 2009 • Reviews

RDM+ for iPhone Review – BlackBerry Really Puts Your Computer on Your Phone

You’re out of the office, get a call and the boss needs a quick change on a presentation.  You’re an IT admin, you’re enjoying some time out of the house for the weekend and you need to reboot a server —  while your laptop is back at home.  You want to show off a photo …

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September 3, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Pzizz for iPhone/iPod Touch

Feeling worn down, stressed out, or just not getting enough quality sleep?  Guess what — yep! — there’s an app for that. Pzizz (pronounced puh-zizz) may be just what you need.  In the most simple terms, Pzizz Relax is a power-nap app. Using the application religiously over the past two weeks I can say it …

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August 15, 2009 • Reviews

Track your Trips in Real-Time with GPSed for iPhone

If you have the travel bug and enjoy sharing your adventures with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, etc., then GPSed is definitely for you.   If you are a hiker, runner, or biker and just want to track your journeys in real-time, then GPSed is for you. In fact, just about anyone needing to …

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August 11, 2009 • Reviews

Audible BlackBerry App Review

Audible provides audio books.  Customers can download the audio books to their computers or mobile devices — including iPhone/iPod, a variety of MP3 players, and BlackBerry devices.  Last week, the Audible team released an upgrade to their BlackBerry application (version 1.4.2). It is no secret that I was less than thrilled with the first release …

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July 25, 2009 • Reviews

You know, this is… excuse me… a DAMN fine cup of coffee!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I love coffee.   Anyone that knows me well would have you believe I have a thermal stainless steel coffee tumbler surgically grafted to my hand.  It’s my American Express — I don’t leave home without it.  I don’t fiddle around and mess it up …

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June 23, 2009 • Reviews

Mediafly for BlackBerry Review

You may remember our recent coverage of the Mediafly service that syncs media content — specifically podcasts for now — to a wide range of devices.  Well, Mediafly is wasting no time.  Their goal is to launch on multiple smartphones throughout 2009, and then hit even more home stereo/video equipment in 2010 so you can …

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June 19, 2009 • News

ModelBaker Promises Fast iPhone & Android App Development

So you’ve got your iPhone all up and running on 3.0, eh?  Maybe it’s now time to finally “mobilize” your website or application, but you are not a programmer.  Widget Press has you covered with a rapid application development tool called ModelBaker, which provides a drag-and-drop interface that will create an application for iPhones or …

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June 17, 2009 • Reviews

Review: PDAir Luxury Silicone Case for BlackBerry Storm

PDAir makes a case or skin for just about every mobile device currently available.  They have a wide variety of cases available ranging from leather to aluminum to silicone.  I was lucky enough to recieve a Luxury Silicone Case compatible with the BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530  to review.  Sporting a low $18 price and wide range of …

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June 16, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Mobiola Photo Renamer for BlackBerry

One feature that is often missing in smartphone camera applications is the ability to rename — or automatically name — photos directly on the device. Sure, most smartphones are simply not going to completely replace point-and-shoot or D/SLR cameras; but, when you just want a quick photo to capture the moment, you will probably reach for your smartphone …

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June 16, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Bump for iPhone

Bump for the iPhone & iPod Touch has a lot going for it.  It happens to have the honor of being the 1 Billionth iPhone App downloaded.   It  is F-R-E-E.   The application actually makes what used to be a chore of swapping contact information with friends and colleages — gasp! — fun, and …

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June 9, 2009 • News

No Baby Dino Extinction Here — Pleo Lives!

Good news Pleo fans, it looks like the news of the adorable baby dinosaur robot’s demise may have been a bit premature. Robert Oschler has confirmed that Jetta Company Limited, who manufactured the baby robot for Ugobe, bought the  intellectual property rights and other assets from Ugobe on May 21st. Jetta Company Limited is planning to re-launch the Pleo line …

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June 3, 2009 • Reviews

Voice Control with Vlingo 3.0 Plus

Vlingo provides voice-control for BlackBerry devices, iPhones, and is currently beta-testing a version for Nokia smartphones (N95, N95 8GB, E51 and E71). I have been using free versions of Vlingo on both a BlackBerry and an iPhone, and have been very impressed. When Vlingo released version 3.0 for the BlackBerry, I immediately wanted to put …

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June 2, 2009 • News

The Jitterbug J: Keep Gramps Connected Through Simplicity

Still looking to bring your parents or grand parents into the wonderful world of wireless communication, without needing to spend a month conducting a technical seminar covering how to use the phone’s features?  GreatCall, Inc. has just come out with the Jitterbug J cell phone, manufactured by Samsung, which offers a loud speaker, large buttons, and …

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May 28, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Mobiola Snapshot for BlackBerry

Mobiola Snapshot is an application from Shape Services that gives BlackBerry users the ability to quickly take screen captures of applications running on their device.   How well does it work?  Is it worth trying out or even buying?   Read on for the full review.

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May 23, 2009 • News

PhoneFace Adds Improved Contact Search Integration

PhoneFace, the Photo Speed Dial application for BlackBerry and Android, has been updated for improved contact search integration to select your friend’s photo ID based on their Facebook or Twitter profile pics — or selecting a photo that you saved directly to your phone.   Simply start typing the name of your contact, and PhoneFace …

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May 21, 2009 • Reviews

Audible for BlackBerry Review

Audible is an online audio bookstore.  You can download audio books to burn to a CD or transfer to your favorite MP3 player (or Smartphone) of choice.  Audible  just released their BlackBerry application.  So, how is it?  It is a total exercise in frustration…

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