Gear Diary Is …

Gear Diary began when Judie, who had been writing for some time at The Gadgeteer, left to start her own personal blog. The idea for this site came while she was riding on the back of an elephant in Thailand! Her goal was to create a site that would not (and could not) be easily labeled. The idea clearly had resonance since, within weeks of being launched, it was clear that Gear Diary was destined to become much more than a personal blog. Numerous writers joined the site, and Gear Diary quickly became (and has remained) a place where a wide range of voices could be found speaking about an even wider range of gear and gadgets.

In the years since it launched, Gear Diary has had a number of facelifts, numerous staffing changes, and even a significant server failure! Though it all, however, we have stayed true to the initial vision of covering as wide a range of topics as possible.

That is the reason you can come to Gear Diary and read about automobiles, music, games, toys, robots, mobile phones, kitchen gadgets, travel supplies, trips we take, tech clothing, BBQ implements and more! It is why you will find posts that are clearly “Gear” posts sprinkled with social commentary, music we love, experiences that grab us, and more. As Gear Diary’s writers have always been told, “if it interests you, then it will likely interest some of our readers so POST IT!” It is why, if we had to label the site, we would most likely refer to it as a “Lifestyle site” rather than a “Tech Blog”. Sure, we cover tech — a lot of it — but we are just as interested in HOW the tech fits into our lives as we are about seeking out the newest gadgets.

To be truly accurate, the best answer to the question, “What kind of site IS Gear Diary?”, is “Yes!”

Because Gear Diary has always been as much about the people as it has been about the gear, we thought we would briefly run down the list of extraordinary individuals who have, at various times, been part of our site; each has helped make Gear Diary what it is.

Some of the earliest contributors were Mitchell Oke, Kerry Woo, Allen Hong, Doug Moran, Larry Liaw, Chris Spera, Joel McLaughlin, Jerry Raia, and Chris Chamberlain. We could not be prouder of the fact that Mitchell, Doug, Joel and Chris are all still contributing! Other early contributors included Aura Mae, Debra Brown, Molly Antos, Ellen Beeman, Stephen Dean, Bjenk Ellefsen, Stan Lau, Catherine Fitch, Brandon Miniman, William Rodriguez, Sean Sheehan, and two writers who wished to stay anonymous because of the tips that they provided — echo and Torturous Trevor.

In late 2007, we began to use the term “Team” to refer to the regular contributors. That first Team lineup included Chris Chamberlain, Clinton Fitch, Allen Hong, Doug Goldring, Mitchell Oke, Joel McLaughlin, Jenneth Orantia, Jerry Raia, Kerry Woo, Doug Goldring, Larry Liaw, and Wayne Schulz, Gear Diary’s first Senior Editor.

By mid 2008, new Team Members included Christopher Gavula and David Goodspeed. During this period, Jack Cook, Adrian Leibas, Lex Strickland, and Rob Tripp also contributed stories. It was also at this time that Dan left his own site, What’s On iPhone, and joined Gear Diary. A short time later Michael Anderson, Carly Z, Jeff Frantz, Jason Reese, Travis Ehrlich, Jessica Fritsche, Larry Greenberg, and Allistair Lee all came on board.

Fast forward to 2012. The Gear Diary Team is lean, mean and works exceptionally well together. Judie, Gear Diary’s driving force, remains the Editor-In-Chief. Dan, now Judie’s partner in the site, acts as the Senior Editor with Carly and Mike rounding out the Editorial Staff. The Team, listed in the tabs below, are an amazingly talented and eclectic group that, like this site, are not easily described. We like it that way, and we hope you do too!

-Dan Cohen, April 2012

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