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ZAGG Brings Two New Screen Protectors to Market

In anticipation of Apple announcing the new crop of 2016 iPhones in just a few days, ZAGG, one of our favorite smartphone accessory companies, has announced two new products. The sub-$40 Glass+ and the $49.99 Sapphire Defense screen protectors offer great screen protection at an affordable price.

ZAGG’s Ready for the iPhone SE and 9.7″ iPad Pro. Are You?

It should come as no surprise that ZAGG is already rolling out protection and accessories for the new Apple iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. First out of the gate is InvisibleShield Screen Protection for both devices and keyboards for the new iPad Pro. Personally, I’m most excited for the ZAGG SlimBook’s protection and typing prowess.

ZAGG Accessories Are Ready for Your New iPhone!

If you have one of the new iPhones on the way you’ll want to check out some of the great accessories ZAGG has to offer. From screen protectors to cases, comfortable great-sounding earbuds to go-everywhere keyboards, the ZAGG website is a one-stop shop for new or not-so-new iPhone users. Let’s check out some of the great items they currently offer.

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 Video Look

The beautiful screen on the iPhone 6 isn’t as large as the iPhone 6+’s but it is still more glass than iPhone users have experienced. Both my iPhone 5S and my Sony Xperia Z2 screens were saved by tempered glass screen protectors; I was happy to immediately install a ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPhone 6 on Elana’s new iPhone.

Save Your S5’s Screen with the ZAGG Glass Screen Protector

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a huge beautiful screen that puts the iPhone 5S to shame. I was worried enough about protecting mine that I kept the protective shipping plastic in place. It reduced the clarity and touch sensitivity but helped guarantee the screen stayed safe until a better option arrived; the ZAGG Glass Screen Protector is that better option.

Equip Your iPhone 5S with the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S

If you are looking for a case for your iPhone 5S that will offer extreme protection without breaking the bank and you don’t need something waterproof the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S may be just the thing. At just $49.99 and available in a variety of colors, the ZAGG Arsenal for iPhone 5S is protection you can depend upon.

New Laptop? ZAGGify It to Keep It Looking Great

If you picked up a new computer, phone or tablet during Black Friday you aren’t done shopping yet. Make sure to check out ZAGG and stock up on some protection for your new device. My 11″ MacBook Air looks great and I’m committed to keeping it looking that way. A ZAGG invisibleSHIELD is a big part of making that happen.

ZAGGsmartbud Review Redux

Back in February of 2010 I reviewed the ZAGGsmartbuds. At the time, this was my conclusion So are the ZAGGsmartbuds worth their $79.99 price? Absolutely. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods, sound very good and, thanks to the Hangin’ Tight system, have what is probably the best cable-management system I have used. At under $80 I would say that they are not only worth their price tag but that they are a good deal to boot! The ZAGGsmartbuds have an MSRP of $79.99 and are available directly from ZAGG. And right now ZAGG is including a free dual…

iPad Accessory Video Review: The ZaggFolio and ZaggKeys Solo

ZAGG makes some great accessories and I was intrigued when they released a keyboard folio case for the iPad 2. I was even more intrigued when I heard that they would be releasing the ZAGGkeys Solo, the keyboard folio minus the folio since it meant you could buy a standalone iPad keyboard that has specialized shortcuts just for the iPad AND a built-in stand. When I reached out to Zagg I was told the ZAGGkeys solo would ship in a short while OR I could take a closer look at the ZAGGfolio and just focus more on the keyboard since…

Gear vs Gear- Incipio Pearl Metal feather and the Incase Clear Snap Case for iPhone 4

Let me start off by saying, I usually love to carry my iPhone naked. (well always with a skin/screen protector on it…old habit from the stylus driven Windows Mobile and Pocket PC days). To me, one of the main reasons for getting the iPhone (any version) is that it is light, small, compact, awesome looking and feels great in the hand. Why would I want to hide all of Apple’s hard design work behind a case? Well I work outside quite a bit, and I get dirty … so sometimes I like to keep my phone protected. So to keep…

iPad Case Review- ZAGG LEATHERskin

The other day Larry pointed out that, without my even thinking about it, I have a tendency to pull my iPad out of its case whenever I am using it in one place for an extended period. That makes it all the more important for me to make sure I have some permanent protection for the back of the device. Up until now that protection has come in the form of a Clear-Coat skin that I’ve had on the back, the screen, and the sides of the device since I first got it. It does a great job of protecting…

Customized ZAGGskins for Mobile Devices Review

Since debuting in 2005, ZAGG’s “invisibleSHIELD” has been a very popular protective skin for the wide range of devices for which it is made.  The invisibleSHIELD’s military grade film offers good protection from scrapes, dings, and scratches without adding a lot of bulk to the device on which it’s used. Building on the success of the invisibleSHIELD, ZAGG recently introduced customizable ZAGGskins.  The ZAGGskin line is a range of wrap-around adhesive skins featuring decorative designs.  The skins are only 0.3 mm thick, but strong.  While there is a range of pre-made designs, including some newly released designs for upcoming Valentine’s…