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Tablet Market Shrank in 2014, Here are Some Possible Reasons Why

Last week we learned iPad sales declined … again. It was another sign of a shift in the tablet market different from the smartphone market. Now we hear from the IDC that the broader tablet market shrank with both Apple and Samsung along with ASUS and Amazon taking large hits and only Lenovo and ‘others’ gaining share. We asked ‘why’?

What You Missed If You Weren’t at #IFA14 Last Week #Intel2in1 #IntelPartner

This is a sponsored post; we received compensation from Intel, but all opinions are the author’s. I’ve just returned from Berlin and a hectic week at IFA; it was my first time to attend. Perhaps because I went in with zero expectations, I left thinking the show was larger than expected, and I feel pretty comfortable saying that it was a great consumer electronics expo, and I’m glad that I was there.

The New Intel Core M Processor Will Make Computing Even More Mobile #Intel2in1 #IntelPartner

This is a sponsored post; we received compensation from Intel, but all opinions are the author’s. This afternoon at IFA, Intel announced its new Core M processor. The M might as well stand for Mobile, as this processor enables “razor-thin, fanless designs with the optimal blend of beauty, performance and battery life.” Intel Core M will be available as early as October on systems from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba.

The HP Pavilion X360 Does Backflips #Intel2in1

Last fall Judie reviewed the Lenovo Yoga. As a laptop that could also work in a variety of modes that took advantage of its touchscreen, it was impressive. I tried it out in December, and was also impressed, but at $1000+, it was pricey. The HP Pavilion X360 offers much of the same functionality at a far lower price.

Laptop Shopping with Linux in Mind

For the first time in many years, I was in the market for a new personal laptop You would think that buying a laptop to run Linux on would be easy, but with recent changes it’s more difficult than it has to be. With some research, and a few preparation steps done ahead of time, it won’t be a huge challenge.

Gigabyte Brix Pro (i5-4570R) Review

Lately consumers have been shunning the traditional desktop PC for laptops. Today’s mobile processors are powerful enough to meet the average user’s needs, and now power-sipping mobile chips are regularly showing up in PCs sold by companies such as Lenovo, Apple, and Dell. Is there still room for desktop CPUs in computers you won’t hide under the table?

Hands-On With the HP Pavilion x360 Laptop- MWC 2014

Judie got some hands-on time with the new HP Pavilion x360 laptop. Thanks to a 360-degree hinge this 11.6″ hybrid is able to switch between clamshell and tablet mode. No, this isn’t deja vu but you have seen this before. Priced starting at $399 it has Beats Audio and surprisingly good specs for the price. Check out the image gallery.

Get Fit and Heart-Healthy With The Polar RC3 GPS, Review

Polar built its reputation on heart rate monitoring technology starting in the late 1970s designed to let you REALLY listen to your body. I have friends who swear by their products, and with the RC3 GPS they offer up their latest hardware and software for tracking all of your workouts, and it represents some of the best technology for runners.

Poo-Pourri – Using Potty Humor to Sell a Great Product

While waiting for a Lenovo video to load, this hilarious Poo-Pourri ad popped up. Usually I click SKIP as soon as the option is available, but not this time. Maybe it’s the 5th grader still trapped inside of me, but this video made me laugh; even funnier is that it’s a product I know works as advertised. Don’t ask; just enjoy.

Apparently Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic IS Coming to iPad, Now Available

A couple of weeks ago there was a supposed leak found in the header of an Aspyr newsletter pointing to the release of the iPad version of the classic Bioware RPG Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR for short). Since we don’t do rumors here I just fished through my .Mac mail to see the evidence (I hadn’t noticed it at first), then filed it away under OHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE … This morning we got everything but the final official confirmation, with a full review up at gaming site IGN. The review notes that some text is small, moving around…

2012, the Year the Netbook Died, a Eulogy

It’s been widely reported over the web that Acer and Asus are pulling out of the netbook market as of today effectively ending the netbook as a viable platform.  It says a great deal when Asus, who practically invented the netbook, has said they are done.  I write not to bury the netbook but to praise it for what it was: a great and cheap way to get things done on the web. I remember the very first netbook, the Asus EeePC 701.  It wasn’t the most powerful thing out there.  It had a 900 MHz Celeron, 7 inch screen…

Will Greed Finally Be Apple’s Undoing?

As long as I can recall – since the days when I had an Apple ][+ at least – people have been quick to call out Apple for high prices. For me as a multi-OS person who also happens to like Apple products, it has been a roller-coaster. For a long time in the 80s the utility of Apple ][ and later the Mac made it very much worthwhile – and for some things a complete necessity. Yet there have been many times – like most of the 90s – when the price to performance ratio simply wasn’t there. By…

5 Questions with Michael Hess of Skooba Design

Skooba Design was Gear Diary’s first advertiser back when Judie first launched the site. They were also the first company to become a Newsletter Underwriter. We tell you that in the interest of full disclosure, but what’s more important is that we really love AND use their stuff. Most recently, we were both taken by the new Skooba Design Laptop Weekender V.3, and are already getting a lot of use out of them. (Read the review here.) Skooba makes great products, and now comes outside confirmation of something that we’ve known for some time: they provide great customer service. Skooba…

Court Documents Bring to Light Dismal Samsung Tablet Sales Numbers

For nearly two years I have been like a broken record: I simply never believed the numbers Samsung was supposedly selling in terms of tablets. Worse still, having put out a single unofficial number before switching to ‘percent improvement in shipments’, groups like the IDC and Gartner grabbed the initial number and then just applied the percent increase. This played out again last week in the numbers reported by the IDC showing that Samsung held the #2 tablet slot with 9.6% market share with ~2.4 million units sold. I like the Samsung tablets pretty well and they have created a…

First Up at CES 2012: CES Unveiled

We’ll be heading into “CES Unveiled: The Official Press Event of the International CES” shortly. Unveiled is an annual tradition for us and is the first chance to see some of the new items that will be coming in 2012. As the event blurb explains, …see the new year’s products at CES Unveiled with a pre-show look at who will be making news headlines before the show officially opens. Catch all the latest products in one room. Plus, get a sneak peek at the product debuts from our Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honorees. We’ll see some old favorites like…

Zinio’s on Fire with $25 Shopping Perks and Availability on Amazon Fire

  Zinio isn’t about to let Apple and Amazon slow down their momentum. No way, no how. And to help make sure they remain the eMag service of choice they are introducing a shopping perk program that puts a $25 credit into the accounts of all new Zinio registrants from now until March 2012. Better still, this credit can be used to purchase magazines across the company’s entire global newsstand. In addition, the Zinio app is now available in the Amazon Appstore. The timing is key since many of us will be getting our net Kindle fire’s today. As Chris Wilkes, vice…