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Now You Can Truly Act Like a DJ with This New Party Pack

If you are an aspiring DJ but don’t know exactly how to go about starting your quest of being the party starter, you should be checking out a Dj set that will help you out. Hercules, the leader in mobile and professional DJ equipment announced three unique DJ Party Packs to make sure you can always be the life of the party.

Breathe Clearly with the Honeywell AirGenius 4 Air Cleaner

Winter is here. The doors and windows stay shut. The air can get stale. Ans we now live with a fast-growing golden doodle puppy sleeping in a crate next to the bed. It is a formula for air quality that needs help. Well, help came in the form of the Honeywell AirGenius 4 Air Cleaner.

The WetSuit Impact By Dog & Bone for iPhone 6s Plus Review

There are plenty of waterproof cases on the market, all promising you the ability of being virtually “every-thing” proof, then at the end giving you one or two things that you have to compromise in order to make the case functional. This isn’t the case with the Dog & Bone Waterproof Case for the iPhone 6s Plus. The first time I actually heard about the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact was actually while browsing YouTube, and stumbling across a full video review from our friend Aaron from MobileReviewsEh where he put the Dog and Bone Wetsuit through an EXTENSIVE review…

V-MODA ZN In-Ear Limited Edition Headphones Serve Up Audiophile Quality Sound On the Go

The V-MODA ZN In-Ear Headphones offer luxurious materials, deliver top acoustics engineering, embody military-level durability, and are remarkably comfortable. In short, these $180 in-ear monitors are among the best I have tried. They look amazing and sound even better. They are the only in-ear headphones you need. Bottom line…I love them and they have become my favorite in-ear headphones! V-MODA describes the ZN in-ear headphones as “ACTIVE HEADPHONES FOR THE MODERN AUDIOPHILE.” There’s good reason for this description. Not only do they sound amazing but they are built to withstand pretty much anything the rigors of daily use can throw…

Channel Your Inner DJ with Pioneer’s HRM-7 Headphones

Over the past month or so I’ve had the opportunity to review Pioneer’s HRM-7 Reference Monitor DJ Headphones from their Studio Monitor series, and for a lover in mixing music, or just audio in general, the HRM-7’s are not only unique, but great to wear! As soon as I opened the box and saw the headphones, the first things I thought was: Pioneer is serious about this! The DJ HRM-7’s are obviously something you’d catch that Dj at your favorite nightclub wearing, but for the casual user I will say that they are a bit bulky to just wear out…

You Don’t Have to Be an Athelete to Love the Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Headset are great for athletes but you don’t have to be one to appreciate all these sub-$150 wireless headphones have to offer. I can’t run without music and these Bluetooth headphones are, by far, the best way yet to cut the cord and go for a run. They are comfortable, stay put and sound great. The Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Headset are, “wireless sports earbuds with intelligent audio coaching optimized for cross training and indoor workouts. With integrated cross training app.” In this review I’m going to focus most on the headset simply as a…

Roku Announces New Smart TV Lineup with Sling TV & WatchESPN

One of my favorite devices that I use in my home is my Roku. Even though I have a Smart TV, I was actually pretty disturbed that Roku TV was not on my Sony Vizio when I purchased it. So I was surprised when I found out a lesser known (in the US) brand by the name of TCL announced they would be making Roku TVs.

HP Opens Up Its Houston Testing Labs for a Journalist Tour!

Recently Hewlett-Packard invited a group of bloggers into their Houston testing labs. Why do that? That was my question going on the tour – but it was quickly apparent that HP has a lot to be proud of in an area that adds tremendous value to their computers. Let’s take a look with HP at the Science of PC!

Spigen GLAStR NANO SLIM Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z2

My search for the best way to protect my new Sony Xperia Z2 led me to the Spigen GLAStR NANO SLIM Screen Protector. At $39.99 it is a pricey proposition, but if you want excellent protection with no loss of clarity or sensitivity, it can’t be beat. Thankfully, for your $40 expenditure you get both screen AND back protection.

Jabra Rox Wireless Headphones Are Wireless Wonders of Sound

Jabra’s Revo Wireless headphones have been a constant companion of mine for over a year. These on-ear headphones are tough, comfortable and sound impressive. Jabra’s latest product, the Jabra Rox Wireless headphones, shrink things down quite a bit. These small, in-ear headphones pack plenty of sound and have a few extra tricks you are going to love.

Roku Announces the Roku TV

We love our Roku 3, it’s a fantastic device. For those who want the Roku experience, but also crave a “smart tv”, Roku and TCL have teamed up for the Roku TV! Details are still forthcoming, but if the experience is as seamless as the Roku box, this could be a big boon for the Roku brand! Prices and availability are still forthcoming, but you can check out the full details at the Roku blog.

NeatConnect Review – Empowers Your Paperless and Computerless Lifestyle

Over the past few years I have worked to eliminate as much of the paper-clutter as possible. The NeatConnect cloud scanner takes “paperless” to an entirely new level by allowing you to scan directly to various cloud services without the need of a computer. It is a case of “the right tool for the right job at the right time”.

Grab It and Get Scanning! The NeatConnect Cloud Scanner Is Now Available

The wireless, computerless, paperless revolution is here thanks to the new NeatConnect scanner. Its Wi-Fi capability lets you scan directly to NeatCloud, email, and cloud services such as Evernote and Dropbox. Best of all it is completely computer free. The $499.99 MSRP includes a three month subscription to NeatCloud. Our full review is on the way. Click here learn more.

The Hidden Linux of the Week is Your TV

Valve’s announcement of SteamOS it reminded me of another hidden Linux system. It is the GPL software license that has allowed many devices to adopt Linux.  Android and kiosks are just two of them. This also can include devices you wouldn’t think would need an operating system like your TV. Your TV probably runs Linux. The GPL or GNU Public License is the license that the Linux kernel and the surrounding pieces of code that make a Linux system use.  It is this reason that many hardware developers started looking to Linux to run the core of their devices. This…

Neat NeatConnect Direct-to-the-Cloud Touchscreen Scanner First Look

I went hands-on time with Neat’s new NeatConnect Direct-to-the-Cloud Touchscreen Scanner this evening. It really does, “Introduce a whole new way to get organized!” The NeatConnect sends scans straight to NeatCloud, Skydrive, Evernote, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive without a computer.. You can also send to email, an SD card or to Neat’s Desktop Software. Shipping in October for $499. We can’t wait to spend more time with it! Find the Full Press Release here.

How To Start a Simple Heirloom Vegetable Garden from Scratch

How many of us have been at a grocery store and been disappointed with the variety and quality of produce? How many sandwiches or other dishes have been befouled with limp lettuce or a feeble yellow-green-pink tomato? It’s no wonder kids (and some adults) aren’t too keen on vegetables. What to do? One solution is to start your own garden, especially an heirloom garden. The term “heirloom” is still often debated, but for the purposes of this post I’m going to loosely define the term to mean an openly pollinated plant that breeds true to its parents and is not…

My Bag: Ham Radio Edition

Hurricane Sandy, the derecho and the upcoming winter season has had me thinking about what I carry on a daily basis. It also prompted me to consider what I might add to it to be better prepared.  In HAM lingo, we refer to this as our GO bag– the bag that serves in an emergency preparedness capacity. Here’s a look at my Go bag. The Bag Itself My bag is a Swiss Gear Cobalt laptop bag. In fact, this is the same one I use as my daily driver laptop bag; it is available from Amazon for around $60 bucks. I…

How We Can Help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We knew for at least a few days before Hurricane Sandy hit that it was going to be bad, but knowing something will be bad and living through it are two completely different things. On October 29th, at about 8pm ET, Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the southern coast of New Jersey. Before hitting the shore, Sandy had already whipped and bruised a wide swatch of communities with brutal rains and winds as far away as Ohio. It wasn’t enough that people were holed up suffering from the effects of a late August style hurricane, they also had to deal…

Monster Inspiration Active Noise-Canceling Headphones Review

What would it take to get you to spend $350 on a set of headphones? I’ve been asking myself that very question over the last two weeks, and I think I may finally have an answer. The question wouldn’t have even come up if I hadn’t been sent Monster’s newest Inspiration headphones, which — as you may have guessed — retail for that exact amount. all photos by Kevin Stanford I approached the package unwrapping with some trepidation … what if I liked them? Granted, these were sent to me as a review sample that I would be allowed to…