Lightweight Sunski Sunglasses are Built for Fun in the Sun

If you’re on the lookout for a fresh pair of shades, Sunski may be the Holy Grail at the end of your quest. They’ve got loads of styles and color combinations, along with polarized lenses and a lifetime warranty. You can get your hands on these fashionable yet extremely lightweight frames starting at $48.

Distil Union MagLock Folly Sunglasses Stick Around Thanks to Magnets

Distil Union makes great wallets. I’ve reviewed a bunch and use one every single day. Now the company has released two sunglass designs. I received the Distil Union MagLock Folly Sunglasses for review. These aren’t any sunglasses though. They frames are unbreakable. The polarized lenses are good for your eyes. And, thanks to magnets, they’ll hang around for a while.

Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything: The 2017 Edition

We all know at least one person who is nearly impossible to shop for, whether it’s because they usually buy everything that they need when they see it or because they answer “I don’t know” when you gently probe them for things they might need. That’s okay, we are here to help!

STATE Optical Co. Is Making Gorgeous Luxury Eyewear Right Here in the USA

Nothing says summer like a new pair of shades. If you’re looking for a great pair of American-made luxury sunglasses, look no further than STATE Optical Co. They are super high quality, beautifully designed, and made in Chicago. Fighting against notorious eyewear mega-corporations like Luxottica, STATE Optical is a breath of fresh air in a crowded market.

Summer is Coming and Nectar Sunglasses Will Shield your Eyes in Style

Nectar Sunglasses is a fun-loving shade shop that offers a fun new way to buy stylish, unique sunglasses. Nectar’s Weekly Limited Edition Sunnies gives consumers 7-day access to custom-made sunglasses that have never been produced before and never will be produced again after the week is up. Nectar’s sunglasses range in price from $25 to $35.

Solos Smart Eyewear Turns Cycling into Sci Fi!

It’s official, we’re living in the future. Not only is virtual reality quickly becoming everyday reality, but now you can wear a heads-up display while you’re riding a bike, literally seeing your ride statistics floating in front of you like a biking terminator. That’s the future that Solos Smart Eyewear is promising!

SPINE Optics Give Your Glasses Some Backbone 

Have you ever struggled to keep your eyeglasses in place and on your face? Many of us have, and that’s why SPINE Optics has come up with what seems to be a phenomenal solution. By mimicking the structure and function of the human spine, the company as created glasses that stay put.

Toddy Gear Keeps Your Device’s Screen Clean and Clear

One of the things that each of our gorgeously screened mobile devices has in common is that they are all fingerprint magnets; by the end of the day those devices which may have started with clean glass expanses will inevitably become barren wastelands of oily fingerprints and face grease. Ew.  Obliterate those grease tar pits with products from Toddy Gear. I was recently sent a sample of their brand new 9×9 Toddy Smart Cloth and Pocket Toddy. Both products are dual-sided — with plush premium microfiber on one side for cleaning and a bright and distinctive silky microfiber design on the other to polish.   Toddy Gear…

Yes Man Sunnies – Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses on Kickstarter

Yes Man Watches, has been previously successful on Kickstarter by raising 217% of their goal on their first Kickstarter campaign.  Now, the Yes Man brand is back with some sick-looking handmade bamboo sunglasses.  These gorgeous polarized sunglasses made from bamboo and plastic can now be pre-ordered by pledging at least $30 at the Yes Man Sunnies Kickstarter campaign.

Spy Tec Inventio-HD Sunglasses – Agent 99 Would Approve

When I was a kid, my favorite show was “Get Smart”. I really wanted to be a spy, until I found out it wasn’t all bumbling around talking into your shoe and hanging out with Agent 99. But I’ve been testing the Spy Tec Inventio-HD Sunglasses the last few weeks, and it’s brought back my old childhood love of spying!

10 Tips for Running in the Summer Heat – The Monday Mile

Just over a week ago I was in Kentucky for work and commented on Facebook that I barely made it out of the hotel parking lot on my 4:30AM run before I was covered in sweat. Last week, Judie noted that she got a late start and that it was 98F while she was running; her pace slowed considerably while she ran as the heat took its toll. Suffice to say – hot weather has arrived across much of the nation, and it is time to think about running in the heat. Here are some tips to keep safe: Hydration: hydration…

Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses Review

A number of months ago I reviewed the PivotHead Video Sunglasses. (Read the review.) I used them in Aruba (watch the video) and then again in Cuba (watch the video). I really enjoyed using the glasses and was bummed when the time came to return the sample I was using. I sent them back and planned to shoot future video “the old-fashioned way”… with my iPhone.  That’s when I was offered a pair of Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses to review. “Another pair of video sunglasses to review?” I thought, “Why not.” The Inventio HD 720P Video Sunglasses came a few…

Special Holiday Pricing Available on Pivothead HD Recording Sunglasses

I LOVE the Pivothead HD Recording Sunglasses that I reviewed last month and used while in Cuba two weeks ago. They are comfortable, look good AND they record amazingly clear video. You can check out our full review of them here and see how they work in this video. At $350, the glass aren’t cheap — although I have paid close to that for sunglasses that were simply… hum… sunglasses. And now that Pivothead has announced special holiday pricing, they are even more accessible. That’s right, Pivothead has dropped the price of their HD Recording Sunglasses by $50. And they will…

$30 off Eyeglasses at Costco

Despite my reputation of being very clumsy, I have worn glasses for over 20 years without breaking them. Until last week’s vacation, when I left them on the bed and smashed them. Oops. To be fair, being at sea apparently exacerbates my natural klutziness, since I also went flying off a water tube, fell off a chair, and walked head first into a tree branch. So I guess I should be happy my glasses were the main victims. However, this did mean I needed new ones, and I apparently picked a good month for it! Costco has a coupon for $30 off…

Eyewear Review: Switch Magnetic Interchange Lens System

Last year I went to CES in Las Vegas as part of a SCOTTEVEST No Baggage Challenge for Charity. Because I could only bring what I was able to carry in my SeV clothing I had to leave behind a number of items that would normally go with me on a trip. Among the items left? My sunglasses. It only took a few hours of being in Vegas to realize that I needed a pair. I walked into a Sunglass Hut and said, “What’s on closeout?” Even steeply discounted I spent $100 that day. The sunglasses have held up well…

Summer Tech: Qi-wear by iharmonix Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses

I’m someone who ALWAYS wears sunglasses when I am outside. I also always have my iPhone and am often either making calls or listening to music when I am out and about. As such the idea of sunglasses that can double as a Bluetooth headset for making calls or listening to music really appeals to me. There was something like that on the market a few years ago but by the time I went in search of them the line had been discontinued. That’s why I took note of the announcement of iharmonix’s Qi-wear Bluetooth Enabled Sunglasses. As the company…

CES: Oakley 3D Glasses

CES Day 1: Dan to Judie “3D TV is one of the big things this year… I just don’t get it.” Judie to Dan “I KNOW, me either…” Kevin (thinks, but does not say) “Phew, one less new gadget this year…” CES Day 2, Morning: Judie, Dan and Kevin spend time with Oakley to learn about, and experience 3D TV using their passive 3D glasses. CES Day 2, Afternoon: Dan to Judie “WOW, I take back what I said about 3D TV yesterday.” Judie to Dan  “I was JUST saying the same thing to Kev… I WANT!” Kevin (thinks but…