Hulu Live TV Service Launches on Amazon Fire Devices

Hulu Live TV (currently a beta) launched in early May of this year, and immediately put competition like SlingTV, DirecTV Now, and others to shame. Boasting 50-plus channels, multiple accounts and DVR for $40 sounds like a Cord cutter’s dream. And starting today if you have an Amazon Fire TV, you can experience it for yourself. Initially, when launched, the Live TV service worked primarily on five devices: Apple TV, Xbox One, iOS and Android mobile devices, including the Google Chromecast. However many cord cutters, including myself, longed for the service to create an app for the Fire Stick. Well,…

Weird Science is on Hulu, and My Productivity is Shot!

Do you remember the USA show Weird Science? It ran in the mid-90’s, and it was based on the John Hughes film of the same name. I loved that show, because it came on every Saturday night after the kids I babysat for went to bed. So when I found it on Hulu, I dropped everything to relive the 90s! Here’s the fascinating part: I expected to watch a few episodes, laugh at my memories, and move on. But the show has aged surprisingly well for a low-budget USA network offering. In addition to addressing safe sex head-on, half the…

CNNgo Is the Latest Channel for Apple TV

Earlier this week, CNN announced that Apple TV would be gaining their CNNgo app channel. On Wednesday, Apple silently pushed an update to their Apple TV with the CNNGo app, that taps into the CNNgo service (which requires a subscription to a pay-tv partner).

Hulu Gets Exclusive Rights to Stream Hit Show “Empire”

Not even 48 hours after Season 1 of Fox’s breakout hit television show Empire ended, and it has already found a new home in the confines of Hulu. That’s not too farfetched, though, because Fox is already one of the top three investors in the subscription-based service.

Parks & Recreation Ends…but the Laughs Continue

The comedy/satire television show Parks and Recreation shot in ‘mockumentary-style’ aired their final episode after seven seasons on NBC, but fans can get plenty more thanks to streaming media options and home video. This unique fan favorite piled on great comedy and community morals to create some memorable television, which lives on through diehard fans.

Greg’s Gear- Devices I Use Daily

Here at GearDiary, a lot of us writers test out new products all the time. But with all of the awesome items we see & review, I figured I’d throw out a few of my favorite daily drivers that I use the most.

Why Amazon Prime Music Makes Sense

Buzzfeed is reporting that Amazon is planning on expanding their Prime offerings to include music as well as books, movies, and free shipping. This has been speculated before, and the terms (no music newer than 6 months) fits with the backlist strategy of the rest of Prime. It also shows who Amazon Prime is truly aimed at: digital dilettantes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition showcases several easy-to-use practical functions. It has a large display, considerable battery life, unique S Pen features, fast quad-core processor, and dual cameras. This tablet has 3GB of RAM and includes memory up to 32GB. Models include SM-p600 Wi-Fi; SM-P601 3G; SM-P605 3G+LTE and SM-P600 (no support for GSM voice communication, SMS, and MMS).

Got the latest PlayStation 4 Update with Share Factory? Good, Now Use It!

PlayStation 4 owners got a substantial system update in late April 2014 (1.70), which features several great “bells and whistles”, including Share Factory – a unique video editing tool. In this PlayStation 4 update, Share Factory appears in the main menu after the update and lets players show off their film making skills a bit more.

Amazon Announces Fire TV, a Set-Top Streaming Game and Video Box

Today Amazon announced Fire TV, a 1080p streaming set-top box. Fire TV is available for shipment starting today and sells for $99. Amazon is touting the voice search, Prime integration, and access to the most popular services as well as gaming. They also emphasize the ease of setting the system up, getting online and getting right to your favorite content!

PlayStation 4 Game Console Review

The Sony PlayStation 4 is here. At $399, the PlayStation 500 GB console, a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, a micro-USB cable for charging the DUALSHOCK®4 controller, a Mono-headset for voice chat, a power cable, HDMI cable and vouchers for the PlayStation Plus services

What Subscription Services Are Worth a Place in Your Budget?

Sarah and I have been loving the new Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”. It’s incredibly well-written, has an amazing cast, and manages to add levity and entertainment to a relatively depressing premise (it’s not exactly happy time watching a protagonist navigate life in prison). I’ve been recommending the show like crazy and was surprised when Dan told me he recently cancelled his Netflix subscription. We use Netflix constantly and it didn’t occur to me that not everyone pays for the service! It sparked a larger discussion among the Gear Diary Editors about what subscription services we pay for…

Think Netflix Streaming is Light on Titles? It is Getting MUCH Lighter this Month!

This past November, I got a ‘one month free’ thing to rejoin Netflix, so I signed up … and we’ve kept up the subscription ever since. Now, between Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Netflix, we are covered pretty well and are getting closer to ‘cutting the cable’ … once we can get Time Warner to agree that fewer services should make our bill lower! One reason I had joined and quit Netflix a couple of times before was due to the selection – when we had the DVD plan and started moving to streaming the selection was … um, lacking….

Rap Genius Takes the Guesswork out of Deciphering Lyrics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard either the NSFW or the terrestrial-radio friendly clean version of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘s hit song, Thrift Shop.  But unless you’ve got a finely tuned rap vocabulary, there are probably some lyrics in that song (and every other rap song for that matter) that have left you scratching your head. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. I’m willing to admit that I wasn’t quite sure about the meaning of “pop some tags” or “looking for a come up” when I first heard the song, and it might not have mattered so…

Wii U TVii Service for March Madness Basketball!

March Madness on the Wii U TVii Service is a brand new experience based from the Sports section. The recently released TVii service, exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U, allows access via the GamePad to a television and other entertainment content, was not originally available at Nintendo Wii U ‘s November launch, but it’s here just in time for March Madness. This free TVii service comes pre-loaded into the Wii U does not require any extra equipment and functions like a web browser. User can browse and perform familiar actions on the GamePad touch screen while watching other programs on…

USPS Saturday Service Cut: The Revolution Will Not Be Sitting in Your Saturday Mailbox

For as long as anyone alive can remember, the mail has come on Saturday. Since 1863 the mail service has offered delivery six days a week, through rain, snow, sleet or hail! Well, that last bit has softened, and we have already missed one day this winter since our local carrier couldn’t get into our neighborhood safely. But in the same way the post office itself is open on Saturday to get out letters or mail back those Netflix DVDs, delivery came on the weekend which gave you a chance to grab a movie from Netflix or a game from…

Stay Connected to Family in 2013 with Sony’s Camera and Microphone for Skype

I’ve become increasingly enamored of video chatting. It is handy, convenient and it works well; it also saves gas and time. For example, I do most of my High Holy Day sermon writing with my friend Lawrence. We bounce ideas around, rip initial drafts apart, and share illustrations. In prior years we would get together two or three times and have marathon writing sessions together. This year we didn’t get together once; instead we used FaceTime and Skype. We didn’t need to travel, and we were able to “meet” far more times than we could have in the past. Similarly,…