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The DVD Stripper Review

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You know how there are certain gadgets that you just don’t think you’ll ever need until someone shows you theirs? And then you catch yourself going, “hmm…that’s pretty cool!” Well, you’ll find that tonight’s review falls into that category.

Think about all the times you’ve bought a DVD, and while unwrapping the clear outer plastic you wondered to yourself why, in addition to the outer wrapper, there had to be a heavy plastic sticker across the top and front of the DVD. I’ve gotten in a hurry before and accidentally broken fingernails while trying to peel back these heavy stickers; they can be a real pain. Although I am guessing that the stickers are there as some sort of theft deterrent, as a paying customer I find them simply obnoxious.

Lori Powers, the inventor behind the CD Stripper which I reviewed ages ago, has done it again. In my previous review, I lamented the fact that most of the music I purchase anymore is digital and therefore downloaded. To quote myself, the CD Stripper was “convenient, easy and safe to use. I just wish that it had been available years ago, when I was at the height of my CD buying. I really need one of these that works with DVDs…”

And here it is…Yay! 🙂

Composed of nearly translucent plastic, the DVD Stripper measures approximately 8.75″ tall x 6.25″ wide x 1.25″ thick. You know someone that isn’t mechanically inclined? Someone with arthritis? Or someone with younger kids that always want to “help”? Do those same people like to watch DVDs? Then they are going to think this is the neatest thing since sliced bread.

Yeah, I can hear you now…

“What am I gonna do with a slab of blue plastic?”

Well check this out: You slide the DVD into the DVD Stripper…

…keep sliding it in all the way until the DVD bumps into the back of the case…

…and then pull the DVD back out. Click the picture below to see the new perforations on the front seal of the DVD. Those were perforated through the plastic wrapper still surrounding the DVD case.

The top of the DVD case has been perfectly sliced all the way back; the plastic wrapper easily peels off, but the best part is that the DVD case now easily opens. If there is a seal on the bottom of the DVD, then the DVD should be flipped, inserted, removed, and then the bottom seal will also be sliced. The perforations on the front of the case quickly pull apart, and there is no longer any resistance on the top of the DVD. Yes, I realize I was a bit redundant with my “easily” and “quickly” usage, but there is a good reason for that – it’s because using the DVD Stripper really is.

How does this work?

Built into the DVD Stripper’s spine is a 3.5″ long metal edge of perforating teeth. Even though this is a sharp edge, remember that it is set more than 6″ back. Most kids won’t be able to get their little hands in this far, and even the most curious adult probably won’t bother. Okay, I admit that I did… 😉

This is the sharp edge that slices the top of the DVD case open. While this cutting edge is set near the inside of the DVD Stripper, and technically where small fingers could get to it, they won’t be able to activate it. The blade is kept in a retracted position until its two-part lever mechanism is activated by the insertion of a DVD, which presses the lever by the blade as well as the lever in the far inside corner of the device. Only when both levers have been pressed will the sharp blade descend. When the DVD is inserted and then pulled back from the Stripper, the blade neatly slices through the plastic wrap and both sealed edges.

I think it is safe to say that everyone who owns a DVD player hates fooling with the wrappers and stickers that must be removed in order to watch new DVDs. The DVD Stripper makes opening these DVDs as easy as…slicing bread. It’s so easy that anyone can do it, and talking about it will reduce you to using cliches. 😉

The DVD Stripper is available directly from the manufacturer’s website.
MSRP: $11.99 for the DVD Stripper, or you can get the CD & DVD Rippers in a set for $19.99
What I Like: Easy to use; safe for kids over 7 to use; perfect gift for anyone; buy one already!
What Needs Improvement: Nothing – it does what it says & does it well

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