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Sonos Roam 2 Review: Convenient Bluetooth, WiFi and Apple Airplay 2 Integration in a Truly Portable Speaker

Sonos consistently sets the bar high with its innovative, high-quality multi-room speakers. As an avid user of Sonos products, I’ve integrated their speakers into my home, leveraging their seamless connectivity and superior sound quality in every room. Their latest offering, the $179 Sonos Roam 2, is a portable speaker option that allows you to have Sonos sound just about anywhere.

The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels Offers a Local, AI-based Home Security System

A newcomer to the home security market, Singapore-based Safemo (a combination of the words Safe and Mode) offers a new home security system composed of two wireless cameras and a hub with two 5W solar panels. As with other systems on the market, this system can differentiate between people, vehicles, and packages, but unlike other systems, it does so locally using AI and data processing, all without a monthly subscription. Up to six months of data and video (32GB) can be stored on the device. An optional SSD hard drive can add up to 4TB of storage.

Vivint Chime Extender Review: Never Miss Another Visitor

I have been reviewing Vivint products for a few years now and am excited about how much their product line has expanded. They keep developing new devices that make your house more secure and smarter. The latest device I have installed is the Vivint Chime Extender, which ensures you never miss a chime, even when away from the smart panel.

DrinkingWater Is an Affordable Atmospheric Water Dispenser That Creates up to 5 Gallons of Water from Air

If you live in an area with an unstable or unsafe water supply, where clean water is not guaranteed for drinking and cooking, you might think that bottled water is your only option. However, another method has been proven to work: Atmospheric water generation (AWG), which creates potable water from the air. The systems that can do this are generally expensive, but DrinkingWater, which is now seeking backing on Indiegogo, is offering a solution that can put this technology to work in your home for as little as $329.

Hang Enbrighten Eternity Lights Once, and You’ll Enjoy Permanent Outdoor Accent and Holiday Lighting Year-Round

There’s something magical about lighted neighborhoods during the holidays. Whether the lights are a minimalistic white or an over-the-top cha-cha display, I love looking at their festive effect. Even so, I’ve never strung lights on my own home; I’ve always thought that doing so would be a hassle, especially since you have to remove them a month or so later and have a safe place to store them. But the new  Enbrighten Eternity Lights are making me rethink my stance; they are permanent outdoor LED lights that, once installed, remain in place year-round, providing many outside lighting options.

SKYWORTH Companion Portable Google TV Is a Battery-Powered 24″ Television That Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

Have you ever wished you had a smart television that could be taken just about anywhere? Whether you’d like to watch movies while camping on a device that could also function as a presentation display or wish you had an easy-to-move TV that could be used in any room of the house but also be self-powered for chilling on the back deck while keeping up with your favorite sports, the SKYWORTH Companion Portable Google TV (24P100) has got you covered.

Roku Pro Series TVs Will Elevate Your Streaming Experience Affordably

Roku, the leading TV streaming platform in the U.S., has unleashed its latest innovation in home entertainment: the Roku Pro Series TVs. These 55, 65, and 75″ premium televisions, now available at Best Buy stores and major online retailers, mark a significant stride in the fusion of cutting-edge technology and elegant design, solidifying Roku’s position as a trailblazer in the industry.

Morel BIGGIE Portable Speaker Provides Impressive Wireless Sound in a Stylish Package

Morel, known for its premium speaker designs, has introduced its latest innovation, the BIGGIE portable speaker. Designed to deliver impressive audio performance in a compact, stylish form, the Morel BIGGIE is crafted for accurate bass and clear high frequencies. Integrated advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology further enhances sound quality, promising a powerful and immersive listening experience despite the speaker‘s compact size.

Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and Yale Keypad Offer Easy DIY Smart Security Options for Renters

Today, Yale has introduced its first retrofit smart security solution, which will make the brand’s security products available for the first time to most US renters. The Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and the wireless Yale Keypad are designed with first-time users, renters, and those hesitant to modify their locks in mind; these products promise an affordable, top-tier, and user-friendly solution, with a myriad of access options for key-free convenience.

Rocksteady Stadium 2-Speaker and Subwoofer Pack Review: Big Portable Sound

It is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the improving weather. It is also a great time to have a portable speaker ready for any adventure, but what if you want something more than the usual portable speaker can provide? That’s where the Rocksteady Stadium 2-Speaker and Subwoofer Pack shines. Sure, you can bring just one of the Rocksteady Stadium Speakers along, but if you want a bigger stereo sound with more bass oomph than a single portable speaker can provide, this is the perfect solution.

The TCL Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler Will Properly Chill up to 20 Wine Bottles and 78 Cans of Beer

Are you looking for a sophisticated setup to keep your adult beverages at the right temperature and ready to serve? If so, the TCL Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler might be the perfect addition to your home or office. What, you thought that TCL only makes TVs, phones, and tablets? Surprise! Originally priced at $799, the cooler is available for just $599 until March 13th. Obviously, time is of the essence on this offer, so here’s what you need to know.

Eufy Video Doorbell E340 and Floodlight Cam E340 Review: Dual Cameras on Your Porch and a Tracking Floodlight Offer Excellent Peace of Mind

Video doorbells have become a huge product sector after homeowners started being victimized by porch pirates, targeting deliveries from Amazon and other online retailers. In an aim to defeat porch pirates once and for all, there is a new eufy Video Doorbell E340 which offers dual cameras, one facing forward and one facing down, so you can see your packages. For lighting and security in other areas outside the home, there is the eufy Floodlight Cam E340.

Get the ZVOX AccuVoice AV120 Compact TV Soundbar with Bluetooth for $69.99, and You’ll Be Able to Hear the Dialogue in All Your Favorite Shows

If you often find yourself rewinding to catch the dialogue in your favorite shows or relying on closed captions during intense TV moments, ZVOX’s range of TV speakers, soundbars, and headphones might be the solution you need. We’ve just got word that the $149.99 ZVOX AccuVoice AV120 compact TV soundbar with Bluetooth (in Bronze) will be available for under $70 for a limited time, so there’s never been a better time to give AccuVoice technology a try!

120″ AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV Turns Any Room into a Stunning Home Theater

I’ve long wanted a home theater system but never wanted to go to the expense and trouble of having a technician come and install a ceiling projector and dropdown ceiling screen; it just wasn’t in the cards. The all-in-one 120″ AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV eliminates the need to install anything. When I recently experienced this system, which was also shown at CES this year and won a “Best of” award from us, it blew my mind.

Arlo Essential XL Outdoor Camera (2nd Generation) Review: Excellent Video, Beautiful Design for Under $100

Arlo sells a variety of home security products, including doorbells, cameras, floodlights, and security systems. I recently reviewed their Arlo Home Security System and the Arlo Pro 5S 2K Wireless Security Camera, both of which I found to be very good. Now, we’ll look at the Arlo Essential XL Outdoor Camera, an HD wireless security camera that packs a good deal of features into an affordable package.