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Fun Booth for iPhone Review

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I recently reviewed a fun new application for the Mac OS called Fun Booth 2.

The application allows you to snap pictures of yourself and then add fun props to the picture.  You can also use the props while video chatting or e-mail/upload finished images to your friends and family.

Spoonjuice, the developer of Fun Booth 2 for the Mac, recently submitted a version of the application to the iTunes App Store for approval and allowed me to test it out before it gets released.

The iPhone version is a slimmed down version of the application for the Mac OS but it maintains the overall form and function.

It remains a super fun way to play with pictures.


When you first launch the app you’ll have to choose to work with an existing photo or snap a new one.


Since the iPhone has no self-portrait mirror on its back taking a picture of oneself isn’t easy but it’s not impossible either.


Once you have an image you’re satisfied with the application automatically adds one prop to the image.

Just like the Mac OS version the software uses face detection to properly size and place the prop on one’s face.


Don’t like the prop it added?  You can change it via the prop selector button in the tool bar.


You can use the iPhone’s “pinch to zoom” feature to resize the prop and also move it around the screen until you have it positioned just right.


And shaking the phone randomly replaces your prop with a new one.


Within the settings you can configure both your Twitter and Flickr accounts for easy uploading.


When you’re ready to share you work there are several ways to do so.

You may e-mail the photo. “Tweet” it, send it to Flickr or assign it to a contact in your address book.


You are alerted with a confirmation when your photo gets successfully uploaded.


I tested both uploading to Twitter and sending via e-mail.

For Twitter the app uses the TwitPic service.  My only complaint here is the fact that the bottom toolbar gets included with the image.

Picture 1


For e-mail the image is cropped to remove the toolbar.


By default the application only allows you to add one prop to each image.  However I was able to add more by simply saving the image with one prop to my camera roll and then selecting it again when I went to use the app.


Just like the version for the Mac, Fun Booth for the iPhone is “fun.”

Taking your own pictures and jazzing them up or taking ones of friends and family to use for prop adding makes for some humorous images.

I wonder how my mother would feel if I added a pirate’s hat to her called ID picture.

Look for Fun Booth in he iTunes App store soon.

M.S.R.P. – 99 cents

What I like – fun way to spice up pictures and share them with friends and family.

What I don’t like – would like to see more props, ability to add more than one prop.

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