Review: Fun Booth 2 for Mac

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

Fun Booth 2, from Spoonjuice software is an application for the Mac which lets you snap pictures or take video of yourself wearing all sorts of silly props.

You can then e-mail the photos to friends or family, upload them to iPhoto, Twitter, Flickr, or burn them if they really embarrass you.  🙂

The application uses advanced face detection software to move the props into the right position no matter where you position yourself on the screen.

If you’re really crazy you can even chat with your friends in iChat while wearing the props too.

When you first launch the application you’ll want to set up your preferences.

This includes telling Fun Booth 2 which camera to use.  In my case I’m using the iMac’s built in iSight camera.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

Then you’ll need to tell Fun Booth where it should upload/send any pictures you choose share.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

Then you’re ready to start snapping some pictures.

The application looks very similar to the built in Photo Booth application that comes bundled with the Mac OS except you’ll notice the addition of the “Inspector” on the side.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

The Inspector contains the included props that you can add to your image.  It’s broken out into five categories.  Hats, Masks, Misc. Eyes and Facial Hair.

You can also choose to view all the props at once or upload a prop of your own.

You’ll also notice in the bottom right corner the option to select video, a still image or to see all your saved images.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

Adding a prop could not be any easier.

You simply click on the prop in the Inspector and it’s automatically added to your image in the proper size and in the proper location.

The facial recognition feature even knows when you move close in or out and resizes and moves the props when you do.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

If you want to add more than one prop simply turn on the combine option located at the bottom of the prop grid.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

You can even upload your own props and set your own parameters for where they should be placed when in use.

There was no Santa Hat in the prop library to complete this outfit, so I added my own.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

The video features works the same way.  You can choose to record yourself with your props on or have an iChat conversation with a friend while wearing them

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

When your all done making a fool of yourself it’s time to share the image.

Simply select the photo you want share.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

And then from the drop down menu select the method you’d like to use.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

E-mailing your creation results in it being automatically inserted as an attachment and sent via whichever e-mail account you set up in the app’s preferences.

Your friend can then view the item right in the message.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

As mentioned Fun Booth 2 works with iChat too.  You can hold video conversations with your friends while dressed up in fun props.

Review:  Fun Booth 2 for Mac

There is an option to make movies as well. No sound is supported though with this version.

Once you’ve finished recording you can then upload the video to YouTube, e-mail it etc.

Fun Booth 2 is a “fun” way to make a fool of yourself with family and friends.  It certainly brought laughter from the people I tested it with, at my expense of course.

The developers have also submitted a version of the app to the iTunes App Store for use on the iPhone and are waiting for approval.

You can learn more about Fun Booth 2 by visiting the developer’s web site.

M.S.R.P. – $19.99 (trial version available.)

What I like – plain fun!

What I don’t like – needs more props, no audio in video recording.

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