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New iPad??? Read This!!!

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New iPad??? Read This!!!


The iPad-train just keeps on rolling. There’s no question it was the “hot gift” this season and as more and more people get their hands on the “wonder tablet” and discover all it can do the momentum will just continue to build.

My own circle has seen numerous iPads make their appearance in recent weeks.

My niece and nephew got one from their grandmother. (My nephew emailed this morning “Uncle Dan, we’re at the airport and I’m emailing you from my iPad using Dragon Dictation!!!” Love that!)

Their grandmother (my mom) just asked me to pick one up for her. (THAT should be interesting.)

And my friend Lawrence finally got one after thinking about it constantly since the device came out. (This morning he emailed and asked a question that was remarkably basic. (I won’t embarrass him by sharing it)

In so doing he reminded me that new iPad owners may need some basic questions answered before they can even begin to hope to take full use of their iPads. Fortunately our friend Patrick Jordan over on Just Another iPad Blog, has put together some great “new iPad user” posts that do a good job of demystifying some of the basic ins and outs of the device. You will find that post here.

In addition, since the App Store is now so huge that finding a few great apps can be overwhelming we recommend Patrick’s “Best apps of 2010” post.

We hope these help you, or the new new iPad owner in your life get up and going as easily as possible.

If you have any additional tips or tricks, or a favorite app or two, please share them in the comments below.

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