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Music Diary Songs of Note: VEVO Brings Full Nirvana 1991 Concert to Web!

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Music Diary Songs of Note: VEVO Brings Full Nirvana 1991 Concert to Web!

I have already posted about the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind being celebrated by Spin Magazine’s free set of cover songs, but today VEVO is doing something really great to celebrate the anniversary as well.

The concert isn’t presented as one big video, but rather as discrete songs on VEVO’s site. Here is a single song – Breed:

According to Mashable:

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s landmark album, Nevermind, Vevo will air a performance starting this afternoon. The concert first aired on Sept. 23 on VH1, VH1 Classic, and Palladia.

The concert was filmed in 1991 at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Vevo has been offering two songs, “Breed” and “Territorial Pissings,” in advance of this exclusive stream. The entire show will play commercial free on a continuous loop, with an encore performance on Oct. 31, the anniversary of the concert. Check out the clip of “Breed” above.

Nevermind came out on Sept. 24, 1991 on Geffen Records, and has been credited with being the sonic touchstone of the 1990s. Universal Music will release several deluxe editions of the album beginning Tuesday, including Live at the Paramount on Blu-ray, DVD, and as part of a larger box-set featuring the digitally remastered album as well additional b-sides and rarities. The performance is thought to be Nirvana’s only concert shot on 16mm film.

You can start the ‘carousel’ of songs from the concert at VEVO here. Enjoy!

Source: Mashable

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