Nokia HERE Maps Re-launch for iOS

No longer bound by the Windows Phone, Nokia is re-launching their HERE navigation mapping app for the iPhone. Following success on Google Play for Android , as well as a brief stint on the app store in 2012 before being pulled back into beta due to iOS 7 incompatibilities, Nokia seems to have figured things out finally.

Take the Outlook Mobile App Challenge!

Yesterday I wrote about the new Outlook app for iOS/Android, calling it a truly universal inbox that aggregates emails from all of the popular webmail services – Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Outlook – into a single unified Inbox. I am settled in my dual Mail/Mailbox routine, so Wayne challenged me to try Microsoft Outlook only for a week. Are you in?

New Outlook App Brings Truly Universal Inbox to iOS and Android

The quest for a truly ‘universal’ inbox for iOS is something many of us have been on since the beginning – we already had accounts on iCloud, Hotmail, Yahoo and of course Gmail … but there have always been limitations around notifications, account handling and more. Based on Accompli, the new Outlook app seeks to become your truly universal Inbox.

Go Further with Ford 2014, Part Two: The Sessions

The 2014 Go Further with Ford Trend Conference featured discussion sessions and panels consisting of forward thinking and creative individuals, many of whom are not involved in the automotive industry. That is one thing that has perplexed me about this conference is, if Ford’s primary objective is building and selling cars, why bother going to such lengths?

Yes, Matt Lauer, You Can Be GM’s CEO and Be a Mother, Too!

Hypothetical situation: You have the CEO of a major company on your morning news show for an interview. This CEO has been under the microscope for good news (positive sales numbers) and bad news (product issues). So what’s tops on your list of questions? How to fix the products? Why are sales strong? Are they a good parent? Wait, what?!

Inbox Out of Control? Might Be Able to Help

I get such a ridiculous amount of email every day, and much of it I don’t even need or want to read. I use Gmail, so spam is largely kept under control, but subscriptions and email lists seem to constantly pile up; unsubscribing is not always successful. I’ve been trying for the past week, and I think it’s helping.

IMO Discontinuing Support for All Third Party Networks

In an email sent to users,  multi-platform instant messaging application maker imo announced they will discontinue support for third-party networks and instead focus  attention on their own communication platform. imo has applications which operate on iPhone , iPad. Android and the web. Prior to this change, they would allow users to connect to multiple messaging services.

Spear-Phishing: Is Facebook the Source of Your Spam?

Have you received an email that said it was from someone related to you, but upon closer examination you saw that it was from an unknown email address, and it contained a spam link in the email’s body? If so, you might have thought that either you or your friend had been hacked, but this is something sneakier: spear-phishing.

Mailbox Becomes More Universal, Adds iCloud and Yahoo! Mail!

We have discussed the Mailbox App here more than a couple of times, with the initial buzz and hype quickly falling off for all of the editors. But the app has continually improved over the several months since it launched, and this week has taken a huge leap by adding support for iCloud and Yahoo! Mail accounts.

Twitter’s Board and Gender Politics in Business

Twitter came under some fire this week for the lack of gender diversity on their board. Their CEO was defensive saying he wasn’t going to add women simply to increase diversity, implying there are no women qualified to sit on Twitter’s board. It isn’t just Twitter- this “no women are qualified” attitude spreads unfairly throughout Silicon Valley.

Droid MAXX by Motorola Phone Review – Maximum Advantages/Options

The Droid MAXX by Motorola lives up to its name with maximum screen size and considerable battery life. The MAXX (Android from Verizon) officially released this past August; it features a nice rounded design protected with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber material, and scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass for the 5-inch HD multi-touch screen which also vibrates with user interaction. The MAXX’s style is sleek and durable. The striations on the outer case and chin accentuate the large panel screen. The dimensions are 5.41 (H) x 2.80 (W) x 0.33 (D) inches (137.5 x 71.2 x 8.5 mm), and users can really feel the weight is 5.89…

My Workspace: 50 Year Old Desk Mixes Modern and Old School Tech

One of my favorite set of posts on Lifehacker is the “Featured Workspace” posts.  Your workspace is important.  It’s where things get done. Each and every workspace is different because we are all different. My workspace utilizes a 50 year-old desk and a mix of tech from old to new. Read on for more on how I have set this up. The desk is one I picked up many years ago on Freecycle.  Freecycle is a Yahoo group in our area that people list stuff for free.  This desk’s previous home was a local church here in the Columbus area,…

Google Wants to Pretend It Is from the ‘Land of And’

As noted pretty much everywhere last week, Google introduced new stuff at Google I/O. They also had a keynote by Larry Page, and one of the things he said that was picked up widely was: Every story I read about Google is “us versus some other company” or some stupid thing, and I just don’t find that very interesting. We should be building great things that don’t exist. Being negative isn’t how we make progress. Most important things are not zero sum, there is a lot of opportunity out there. Many sites took this as a statement showing how Google…

Are You Still Using Mailbox?

When Mailbox, the app designed to tame, manage and control your inbox, arrived, I was thrilled. I was the first person on the Gear Diary team to gain access, and for the first few weeks I was doing nothing but singing its praises. Judie, Dan and Mike all joined over the next several weeks, but not all of us are still using it. Who is? Who isn’t? And for those who quit — why did the shine wear off? Read on for our thoughts.

Martian Watch Gets Smarter with iOS App

  For us, one of the CES 2013 hits was the rapidly emerging smart watch category. During the Electronics Show Judie attended a media event from the makers of the Pebble smart watch, we saw many wearing the I’m Watch as the company tried to stealth promote their (mostly disappointing) offering, and we spent over an hour in a private meeting with the key players at Martian Watch. (Read the post.) Judie and I both walked away with watches, and I’m glad we did. You see, for my money, the Martian Watch is currently at the top of the smart watch…

Google Reader and Google Keep, You Get What You Pay For

Google Reader and Google Keep are two different services, but when placed side by side they offer a cautionary tale for anyone using the web. There has been a good deal of chat among the Gear Diary team on our backchannel, and  Judie, Mike, Carly and I have been further discussing the demise of Reader and the introduction of Google Keep among the four of us quite a bit. Here’s some of what we have to say… As Joel posted Wednesday, Google has just rolled out Keep, their Evernote and OneNote competitor. Evernote, as you likely know, offers users a…

Are Subway’s ‘Not Quite Footlongs’ the Next Class Action Lawsuit Fodder?

Not too long ago Apple iTunes customers got a voucher for a few dollars based on a settlement from a lawsuit. The lawsuit came after Apple shifted pricing on music from $0.99 per song to a $0.69/$0.99/$1.29 tiered scheme to appease record labels. Suddenly gift cards that said ‘Buy 10 Songs’ would only buy 7 or 8. Now we have word that there is quite an online uproar over Subway ‘footlong’ subs not quite measuring up. According to the Yahoo article the trouble began when “a very precise customer, identified as Matt Corby of Perth, ordered a footlong sub and then…

Sites That Make Pr0n ‘Safe for Work’ or Accessible for the Blind

One of the worst kept secrets of the internet age is that with all of the money flying around, plenty is being spent on online pornography. Time did a deconstruction of the notion that porn ‘has larger revenues than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple and Netflix combined’, noting: While $2.8 billion is nothing to sneeze at, porn is hardly the golden goose many assume it to be. CNBC suggested in a recent report that the porn industry “stands at a precipice as it heads into 2012,” with “revenue from films … shrinking, due to piracy and an abundance of…

Apple’s Profit Compared to Everyone Else’s Profits

Everyone familiar with the tech world knows that Apple is insanely profitable … but have you ever wondered just HOW profitable? The folks at Statista took on the challenge and made a chart of Apple profits compared to other companies. But if you have looked at similar graphs in the past, you know that Apple is SO MUCH more profitable that there is a lack of perspective! So instead the graph stacks up groups of other companies and compares their cumulative profits to Apple. It is pretty amazing to look at the graph: Apple is more profitable than the combination…

Nokia Lumia 920 & Windows Phone 8 – Thoughts from an iPhone & Lumia 900 User

A while back I did an experiment where I switched from an iPhone to a Lumia 900.  I liked a lot of things about the 900, but in the end some of the limitations and missing applications drove me back to the iPhone. Now Windows Phone has made the rather painful transition from 7.x to 8.x and Nokia has released new models including the Lumia 920.  Did things change for the better or were things lost in the transition?  I decided to take myself down to my local AT&T store and pick one up, and now I’m here to fill…