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What’s ioSafe Planning for CES 2012? We Don’t Know but it is Gonna be Awesome!

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What's ioSafe Planning for CES 2012? We Don't Know but it is Gonna be Awesome!



ioSafe is at it again and this time they are looking to outdo themselves. (At least, we sure hope they are!) To recap our experiences with data-storage dynamos ioSafe…


At CES 2010 ioSafe fried, soaked, dropped and crushed one of their rugged hard drives. As you can see, it was awesome.


At CES 2011 ioSafe sought to outdo themselves when they took their new portable drive for a drag behind a car and then let us all take turns shooting it with a shotgun. Check it out here!


Now we’ve been invited to the next demo, the “ioSafe Cage of Death Demolition 2012”. Here’s what we know.

This year we’re not going to bore you with forefoot propane fireballs, 10 contractors, 12 gauge shotguns or fully automatic M-16s – oh no, that’s so last year. We are flattered that other companies have followed our lead and now come to CES to show off their rugged(ish) stuff with dishwashers and paint ball guns – loaded with real paintballs! Meh!!

Our demos are a little more extreme than that and come with a moneyback guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied. This is an entirely new demo with new products. We aim to please.

We pressed ioSafe’s Brett Callow for more details but he wasn’t talking. No way! No how! But this is what he would tell us:  “If you have a weak heart, a fragile personality or an aversion to extremely high voltages – don’t come to the demo.”

Oh we’ll be there. On THAT you can be sure.

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