ioSafe SSD Demo, fun in the desert unless you’re a hard drive

Gear Diary is no stranger to the ioSafe hard drive.  We tested the fire proof and water proof, original ioSafe drive by burning it up in the back of a car and then dousing it with several thousand gallons of water straight from a fire hose.

While at CES 2010 ioSafe took the Gear Diary team to a special, top secret location, deep in the desert (okay, it was really three miles south of the strip) where they demoed their newest release, the all new ioSafe SSD drive.

The new drive is not only water and fire proof like its little brother, but now it’s even crush proof.

Check out the video below to see how the drive stacked up against everything ioSafe threw at it and head to the ioSafe web site to learn more about it.

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