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Digital Innovations introduces ScreenDr Antimicrobial at CES 2014

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Screen DR Antimicrobial

Screen DR Antimicrobial

Earlier this week Dan reported that Corning introduced anti-microbial glass this week at CES, which is great news for next-generation devices. But for now, all we get is the knowledge that our touch-screens are gross. Fortunately Digital Innovations introduces ScreenDr Antimicrobial at CES 2014 to address our filthy screens, as our phones and tablets are dirtier than toilet seats!

Here is what they are saying:
“Phones and tablets are now among our dirtiest belongings,” said Collin Anderson, CEO of Digital Innovations. “They are with us all the time, get used everywhere and are constantly being passed from person to person. Keeping them clean is a real challenge, and it goes beyond wiping them off.”

To solve the problem, DI is offering a new formula that will not only clean any screen or display to a brilliant shine, but will also leave an invisible oleophobic and anti-static coating that will make screens easier to clean. In addition, antimicrobial ingredients will help prevent re-growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria and microorganisms on the treated surface.

“Our challenge was to add antimicrobial properties without compromising our high screen cleaning standards,” Anderson said. “We also wanted to offer an eco-friendly solution and avoid adding ingredients such as Triclosan, which is coming under increasing scrutiny from the FDA for potential health problems. We managed to accomplish all of that with this new formula.”

I like the bottle-with-wipe integrated solution they offer, and the product is already on sale from their site at prices from $9.99 to $19.99 depeding on features and size.

Head to Digital Innovations for more info!

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