Corning Gorilla Glass Is Now Strong AND Germ-Free

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Know those “Dirty mouth? Clean it up!” commercials? Well, they ain’t got nuthin’ on Corning. Yup, Corning Gorilla Glass is now strong AND clean thanks to new antimicrobial properties. It is, in fact, the first EPA-registered antimicrobial cover glass. Don’t think it’s a big deal? Just look at your phone’s screen under a high-power microscope and you’ll change your tune.

As Corning explains,

Thousands of bacteria live on a mobile device surface. Every tap, swipe and phone call results in further exposure of the touch surface. With the rapid growth of touch-enabled devices, this is becoming a growing concern. Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass – the first EPA-registered antimicrobial cover glass – can help.

Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass:

  • Is formulated with antimicrobial properties to protect touch surfaces
  • Works continuously
  • Is built to last the lifetime of the device
  • Has the same toughness and optical clarity of Corning Gorilla Glass

Want to learn more? Read about it here.

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