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Avadon 2: The Corruptions Lands on iPad February 28th!

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Avadon 2 - The Corruption

Avadon 2 – The Corruption

Spiderweb Software is ready to roll out their latest RPG, Avadon 2: The Corruption, to iPad devices on Feb 28, 2014. Avadon 2 is the fourth full-length RPG Spiderweb has ported to iOS and each has done exceptionally well, delivering the full depth and quality of their Windows and Mac versions to the touch screen.

Here is the description:

Avadon 2: The Corruption is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure in an enormous world. Choose from five different types of characters, including the new Tinkermage class, each with dozens of unique spells or skills. Explore a gigantic world filled with secrets, artifacts, and a rich story. Experience multiple different endings and dozens of world-influencing side quests, and ultimately choose between saving your homeland or allowing it to fall and make way for something greater.

I have already reviewed the Mac & PC version, and said:

I have to say that it is a breath of fresh air that you truly make changes and choices in Avadon. There is a certain overall linearity to the game as you are headed to the same final confrontation regardless of the path you choose (though there are many way to resolve that final confrontation), but as you make more and more choices in one direction or the other they add up, your reputation is altered and the world before you subtly shifts. It is wonderful to have a game so focused on your experience as a gamer.

Find out more about Avadon 2 at Spiderweb’s Avadon 2 Site.

Also, be sure to check out or get the first game of the series for iOS at Avadon: The Black Fortress for iPad, and check out my review here.

Here is the trailer:

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