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Onewheel Debuts New Lightweight, Affordable Board: The Onewheel Pint

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Future Motion, makers of the popular Onewheel electric board, announced their latest product today in New York City, the Onewheel Pint. The Pint is the most affordable Onewheel model to date at $950 and it’s smaller and more lightweight, making it perfect for both urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts. The Onewheel Pint is now available for pre-order at

Onewheel Debuts New Lightweight, Affordable Board: The Onewheel Pint

The Onewheel Pint is an impressive little board, reaching speeds of up to 16 MPH with a range of 6-8 miles depending on rider weight and speeds. The Pint is also the first Onewheel model available in different colors, including Slate, Sand, and limited edition launch color Sage. The Pint is expected to start shipping in May 2019.

New features include:

Check out this video from Onewheel showing off the Pint:


Future Motion founder and CEO Kyle Doerksen had this to say about the launch of the Onewheel Pint:

“So many people want to get in on the Onewheel experience but haven’t been able to afford it. This product unlocks the Onewheel experience for a massive new group of aspiring riders. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to expand our product line to include a more approachable Onewheel for coffee shop runs, micro-adventures, commute-hacking and casual riders. New York City is all about diversity, and Pint is about embracing the diversity of our riders. In the same way that a car company makes different cars for different purposes and people, Future Motion now offers several differentiated products designed for various uses rather than one-size-fits-all.”

Onewheel Debuts New Lightweight, Affordable Board: The Onewheel Pint

The Onewheel Pint will be manufactured in Future Motion’s new factory in San Jose, California, bucking predictions that they’ll move manufacturing overseas as their production volume increased. Future Motion has made it clear that they value American-made products by re-committing to manufacturing in the USA.

If you hurry and pre-order a Onewheel Pint within the first 48 hours, you can grab a great deal on bundles, where you can save up to $125 on accessories. Onewheel will throw in a fender, custom etched side rail, clear rail guards, bumpers, and more.   The pre-order bundles expire on 3/13/19.

To preorder your very own Onewheel Pint, head over to now. We hope to review one soon on so stay tuned!

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