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XMCOSY+ Double-Head Low Voltage Landscape Light (4-Pack) Review: Modern Design with App Control

XMCOSY+ offers a range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including string lights, solar pathway lights, landscaping lights, and wall lights. This review focuses on their Low-Voltage Landscape Lights, specifically the XMCOSY+ Double-Head Low-Voltage Landscape Light, which comes in a 4-pack and sells for $159.99. These LED lights are understated and modern, with a stark t-shaped design in black. They are also available in a brown finish.

SOUNDBOKS Amazon Prime Day Deals Will Save You up to 25% off the SOUNDBOKS 4 and SOUNDBOKS Go!

On July 16th and 17th, you can get some unbeatable SOUNDBOKS Amazon Prime Day deals on the SOUNDBOKS 4 and SOUNDBOKS Go! The SOUNDBOKS 4 boasts powerful, crystal-clear sound at 126dB and up to 40 hours of battery life. For those on the move, the SOUNDBOKS Go offers compact, rugged portability with the same high-performance audio; both offer swappable batteries for continuous play. Whether planning a party, camping trip, or outdoor adventure, these speakers deliver exceptional sound quality and durability, and now you can save up to 25%!

Repurpose Offers an Eco-Friendly Option to Harmful Disposable Plastics for Your Summer Gatherings

Using disposable plastic tableware is an environmental faux pas; it’s made from non-renewable resources, takes forever to decompose, and often pollutes our oceans and harms wildlife. Plus, it contains harmful chemicals like BPA and PFAS that can leach into your food, posing health risks. And let’s not forget the economic costs of cleaning up plastic waste. Opting for eco-friendly alternatives, like the compostable plant-based options from Repurpose—a company founded by a mom with a vision for a greener future—helps the planet while keeping your summer parties carefree with easy cleanup.

Puckipuppy Hummingbirds Electric Bike Review: Foldable, Portable, and Powerful

The Puckipuppy Hummingbirds is a convenient electric bicycle that folds for storage and offers a powerful motor with a great battery capacity. Not lacking in features, the foldable Hummingbirds offers an LED display, front and rear suspension, a 7-speed transmission, disc brakes, and an LED headlight. Retailing at $699, it’s a pretty good value for any commuter.

Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit Is the Perfect Summer Night Accompaniment

Summer goes quickly, but the memories created around a campfire can last a lifetime. The Whistle Pig CampStock Campfire Kit guarantees that this summer’s memories will be the best ever by combining the warmth of a smokeless firepit with the rich flavor of a limited-edition bourbon. WhistlePig and Solo Stove have collaborated to create the CampStock Campfire Kit, the perfect combination of two great brands to make this a summer to remember.

BougeRV ASPEN 30 Portable 12V Fridge Review: Dual Zones for Cooling and Freezing On-the-Go

As summer begins and camping and road trips commence, keeping food and drink cold on the go is essential. Instead of hauling and draining ice when it melts, you can use a portable electric refrigerator. BougeRV has three sizes of portable coolers that will keep the essentials cold, whether powered by offshore power, battery, or plugged into a vehicle; we’re going to look at the BougeRV ASPEN 30 specifically.

Beatbot Aquasense Pro Review: Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Pool and More Time Enjoying It

Pool season is fast approaching, and if you’re in charge of keeping yours clean, the Beatbot Aquasense Pro will help you keep it in tip-top shape with minimal effort. Keeping our pool clean and ready to swim in is my husband Kev’s domain; when I was offered an Aquasense Pro to try, Kev was intrigued. After using it for over a month, I figured it was time to let you all know how it’s been going. Long story short, this pool-cleaning robot has made his life (and, consequently, my life) so much easier.

Denvix Air Inflator Review: A Mighty Compressor That Packs a 150 PSI Punch

Spring has sprung, and with it, there are the perennial tasks of car tune-ups, bicycle tire checks, and prepping sports gear for fun. That’s where the Denvix Air Inflator comes in. It’s the Swiss Army knife of air inflators; whether you’re inflating car tires, bike wheels, or sports balls, this compact device makes these thankless tasks a breeze. Let’s take a look.

Traeger and Louisville Slugger Celebrate The Hall of Flame

We shared the news about Traeger teaming up with Louisville Slugger to create pellets from the maple scraps used to make the famous bats. Just in time for baseball season’s kickoff, the pellets are available in most retailers where Traeger products are sold. What a way to start the summer and get in the spirit of our National Pastime! To celebrate the partnership of two colossal brands, Traeger sent me a celebration box to commemorate the occasion.

BougeRV JuiceGo Review: A 240Wh Portable Power Station That Nails Packable Size & Weight

We’ve reviewed many portable power stations at Gear Diary, and they usually fall into two basic sizes: small and easily portable to use with mobile devices while you’re out and about or much larger and heavier but suitable for off-grid use while camping or at home when power outages strike. The BougeRV JuiceGo 240Wh Portable Power Station I’ve been sent to test is an in-between-sized option that might hit the sweet spot for many campers who don’t want to lug a larger power source. Let’s take a look!

Rocksteady Stadium 2-Speaker and Subwoofer Pack Review: Big Portable Sound

It is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the improving weather. It is also a great time to have a portable speaker ready for any adventure, but what if you want something more than the usual portable speaker can provide? That’s where the Rocksteady Stadium 2-Speaker and Subwoofer Pack shines. Sure, you can bring just one of the Rocksteady Stadium Speakers along, but if you want a bigger stereo sound with more bass oomph than a single portable speaker can provide, this is the perfect solution.

Traeger ModiFIRE Sear Grate Review: Flawless Searing Every Time!

Last fall, I reviewed the Traeger Ironwood Series Pellet Grill, which has been a game-changer for my cooking. The ModiFIRE accessories allow for customization and extension of the Ironwood’s uses. I recently had a chance to check out the Traeger ModiFIRE Sear Grate, and it’s added a new angle to my pellet grill cooking.

Limited-Edition Traeger Louisville Slugger Pellets Are the Perfect BBQ + Baseball Collaboration

The smell of fresh-cut grass and warming temperatures signify baseball season is upon us. I am the head baseball coach at a high school in Texas, so this time of year is always special. Just in time to help kick off baseball and grilling season, Traeger, the pioneers of wood-pellet grills, has partnered with Louisville Slugger, the official bat of Major League Baseball, to bring us the limited-edition Traeger Louisville Slugger Pellets. I can’t think of a better collaboration to celebrate the traditions of baseball and barbecue!