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Ford Cars – When You Absolutely, Positively Need to Get Away #FordNAIAS

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Ford Cars - When You Absolutely, Positively Need to Get Away #FordNAIAS


We spent this morning at the Ford Rouge Factory. While there, we learned more about the history of the Ford Plant, and we walked through and observed the actual factory floor where they were making the F150 truck. (They build sixty every hour!) It was impressive.

On the way out, there was a display of a few classic Fords. There was the original Mustang and the original Thunderbird (gorgeous!!!); they had the original Model A as well. And then there was the beefy (by the standards of its day) V8 … and along with the V8, were two letters from appreciative customers.

The first came from Clyde Barrow.


“While I still got breath in my lungs I will tell you what a dandy car you make.”


He goes on to thank Ford for making the best getaway car available.

And then there is this thank you note from John Dillinger …

Dillinger offers Ford a new idea for a slogan. That slogan? “Drive a Ford and watch the other cat’s cars take a Ford’s dust”


“Ford cars… Good enough for 1930’s gangsters. Good enough for you.”

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