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Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat Now Works with Apple HomeKit

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One thing I’ve been super excited about as a smart home enthusiast is seeing products being announced at CES 2017 for Apple’s HomeKit. And one Carrier smart thermostat, in particular, has caught my eye.

Announced today by popular home tech maker Carrier, their interoperable Cor smart thermostat is now fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Now that Carrier has joined forces with a fellow innovative brand, the thermostat now will provide homeowners a seamless experience in managing their home’s climate controls giving them way more comfort.

Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat Now Works with Apple's HomeKit

The Cor thermostat has awesome features, like smart setback that intelligently adapts instead of making you do everything manually which makes it not only more efficient, but can cut down on your overall costs monthly for heating or cooling your home. Did I mention that it will even provide energy saving tips?

Carrier Cor Smart Thermostat Now Works with Apple's HomeKit

Why not save yourself hundreds of dollars a year while reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint by getting a smart thermostat? Available sometime in the first quarter, for more information on the Cor thermostat you can check out Carrier’s site.

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