Vivint Made My Home Smarter and More Secure: Part 2

I recently began a two-part review of the Vivint home automation/security solutions. Read the review here before you move on to part 2. The system has definitely become an important part of our home. Part 2 will cover the Playback DVR, door locks, thermostat, smoke detector and other detectors installed. 

The Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat is So Smart and Cool That It’s Hot!

Raina and I continue to add smart features to our home. We love the Haiku Smart Fan we installed and reviewed here on Gear Diary. (Read the review!) The next step in the process was adding a smart thermostat. I received a Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat for review. This second generation unit is small but packs a punch. It’s awesome!

Hunter’s Universal Internet Thermostat Review

Every now and then I review a product that I quickly realize I’m not only going to continue using after the review but will likely purchase more for use elsewhere. That is the case with Hunter’s Universal Internet Thermostat. The thermostat is simple to install, uncomplicated to set up, and it works phenomenally well. In fact, just this morning, Elana said to me, “so before I even got out of bed, I used the iPhone application to make sure the temperature was going up in the kitchen and living room.” That’s enough for me to want to continue using it and…

Review: Trane XL800 Programmable Thermostat & a Giveaway

When I had my house built in 1998, one thing I wanted but could not afford at the time was a programmable thermostat.  Thankfully, Trane was kind enough to send one that I probably would not have considered, the Trane XL800. The first thing I had to do was install the thermostat.  To do so, I had to turn off my HVAC system — which mean going into the depths of my garage and flipping the breakers.  Then I went back inside, removed the existing thermostat and replaced it with the programmable thermostat.  Make sure to pull the little plastic strip out…