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Catspad Smart Pet Feeder Upgrades Your Cat’s Pad

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For many cat owners, one of the hardest things to deal with leaving them for the day is knowing that their four-legged friend is comfortable without their owner around. But this new smart pet feeder is here to make sure that your kitty is cared for even in your absence.

Announced today at CES is the Catspad, a smart pet feeder that allows the owner to connect and monitor their cat’s fresh food and water consumption.

Catspad Smart Pet Feeder Upgrades Your Cat's Pad

With the use of a companion app for iOS and Android, the Catspad connects to your home Wi-Fi allowing the owner to determine feeding time for that cat all from the app by using alarms to determine the time as well as how much food is distributed to your pet. Unlike most cat food accessories on the market, the Catspad features a fresh water fountain that also has a tight food storage unit to prevent oxidation to keep dry food fresh. If you happen to have multiple cates, you can set up separate profiles according to the personality and dietary needs of each catch which is pretty cool. Using an RFID sensor designed to identify each cat, this works in tandem with a pendant that will signify which particular car comes up to the Catspad looking for a meal or drink. Able to store 3.75 pounds of dry food and eight liters of water, the Catspad is there to also alert owners when the food and water supply has gotten low.

Created by two high school friends, Julie Leleu and Brice Cavelier, the Catspad was made by cat lovers for cat lovers to make sure the smartest solution for their cat’s dietary needs are met, regardless if the owner is there or not. After reaching a funding Kickstarter goal of $30,000, the founders announced that the Catspad will be selling for $199, with shipping to begin in May 2017.

For more information on the Catspad smart pet feeder, you can head over to their site today.

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