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Invoxia Smart Dog Collar Can Track Your Pet’s Activities and Their Health!

Ask any pet owner what keeps them up at night, and they’re likely to tell you it’s one of two things: fear that their dog might be sick and can’t tell them, and fear that they’re going to wake up to the unmistakable sound of a dog vomiting on something expensive. The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar can’t help with the latter, but it can definitely ease the former!

My Golden-Doodle, Nava, Is Excited About WaterField’s Newest Releases

I love WaterField products… but they’re going to the dogs, and that’s a good thing. In recent weeks they announced two new products, the Wag Hip Pack and Wag Dog Leash. Designed for those of us who are owned by a dog (because dog people know who’s the boss), they bring WaterField’s premium design and construction to your favorites pooch’s gear.

Calmer Canine Soothes Your Anxious Dog in Sci-Fi Style

I had a dog once who was very anxious about being left alone. This was problematic because he was 100lbs and not that bright, so you never knew quite how he’d express his displeasure at being home alone. Calmer Canine sees dog anxiety as a brain issue, and they claim their new anxiety gadget will ease doggie fears!

Sparky’s Scared of the Varram Pet Fitness Robot

Maybe I just have an awkward puppy, but Sparky is one of those pets that you’d consider a “chewer.” So when introducing him to the “Varram” — a “robot for pets” — it seemed that Sparky was more annoyed by it than excited.

SureFlap’s Microchip Pet Door Keeps Fido Safe

Pet doors have long been a staple of pet ownership. They make it much easier to automate the process of letting your dog or cat outside and back in again. If you have a fenced in yard, for instance, it doesn’t make sense to stop what you’re doing and let your dog in or out every hour on the hour.

Nava Takes to the Doggie Runway All Dressed up in Pawz

Some dogs don’t like the rain. Our mini golden doodle Nava isn’t one of them. Some dogs don’t like the snow. Nava DEFINITELY isn’t one of them. But when Nava is out in the snow her thick, curly fur becomes packed with the stuff, and she turns into a fur-cicle. So the other day I tried Pawz aka doggie-booties.

Nava Meets the CleverPet, and She’s One Happy Pup!

When Raina saw the CleverPet game console on Facebook, she said, “We need to get Nava one of these.” (Nava is our eighteen-month-old miniature golden doodle.) I asked why the dog needs a game console. Raina replied, “Not need… want… she’ll love it.” This is the first in a series of posts about Nava and her app-controlled game.

There’s No Better Way to Bond with Your Pet Than the Link AKC

For the holidays I wanted to get my dog Sparky something other than cheap Amazon squeaker toys that he typically destroys in under an hour, so when I was presented with the chance to review the LINK AKC Smart Collar for Dogs, I was excited at testing a new product on Sparky that he couldn’t possibly rip to shreds.

You and Your Dog Will Light Up the Night with Nitey Leash

There are plenty of sophisticated gadgets coming out for pets these days – heck, we’ve lost count for how many GPS tracking colors there are available now, but Nitey Leash is the first time we’ve encountered innovation in a leash! The concept behind Nitey Leash is simple – it’s a LED leash that lights up.

Keep Your Cat Healthy with Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor No-Bowl Cat Feeders

Cat’s love to hunt; it’s in their basic nature, but this is something that indoor cats don’t get to take advantage of. If your cat never goes outside, how can you allow him (or her) to do one of the most basic things cats need to thrive? You might consider using Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor No-Bowl Cat Feeders.

Never Lose Your Pet Again with the Scollar

We are in full swing here at CES 2017, and one surprise tech product that has been making waves here in Las Vegas is Scollar, a smart collar for small cats and dogs. Designed to make caring for your pet as easy as it is to love them, the Scollar is an easy to use, fairly good looking collar for your pet that hosts not only an interactive display screen, but also GPS so your pet never strays, as well as a reminder for flea and tick medications, something that I still manage to forget until the day of. With…

Whistle Announces Their Smartest Pet Tracker Yet

Whistle, the market leader in pet tracking and monitoring devices announced their Whistle 3 on Wednesday at CES 2017 here in Las Vegas. Made to locate a misplaced pet the Whistle 3 also monitors your four-legged friend’s daily exercise.