Pet Tech

You and Your Dog Will Light Up the Night with Nitey Leash

There are plenty of sophisticated gadgets coming out for pets these days – heck, we’ve lost count for how many GPS tracking colors there are available now, but Nitey Leash is the first time we’ve encountered innovation in a leash! The concept behind Nitey Leash is simple – it’s a LED leash that lights up.

Keep Your Cat Healthy with Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor No-Bowl Cat Feeders

Cat’s love to hunt; it’s in their basic nature, but this is something that indoor cats don’t get to take advantage of. If your cat never goes outside, how can you allow him (or her) to do one of the most basic things cats need to thrive? You might consider using Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor No-Bowl Cat Feeders.

Never Lose Your Pet Again with the Scollar

We are in full swing here at CES 2017, and one surprise tech product that has been making waves here in Las Vegas is Scollar, a smart collar for small cats and dogs. Designed to make caring for your pet as easy as it is to love them, the Scollar is an easy to use, fairly good looking collar for…

Whistle Announces Their Smartest Pet Tracker Yet

Whistle, the market leader in pet tracking and monitoring devices announced their Whistle 3 on Wednesday at CES 2017 here in Las Vegas. Made to locate a misplaced pet the Whistle 3 also monitors your four-legged friend’s daily exercise.

Catspad Smart Pet Feeder Upgrades Your Cat’s Pad

For many cat owners, one of the hardest things to deal with leaving them for the day is knowing that their four-legged friend is comfortable without their owner around. But this new smart pet feeder is here to make sure that your kitty is cared for even in your absence.

Links-IT Makes Your Pet’s Collar Safe and Stylish!

Sometimes we get pitches for gadgets that solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Other times, we get pitches for products that solve a problem that we didn’t know could be fixed. Links-It is solidly in the latter category, as it solves the issue of split-rings and pet collars, an annoyance all pet owners know too well!

HoMedics AirMaster Air Purifier: Tame Those Pet Odors Once and for All!

Kev and I recently adopted Hephaestus, a similarly colored cat to my darling departed Avah. Heph was about six-months-old when we moved in with us, so one of the first things we did was get him fixed, and then we introduced him to the LitterRobot, which he took to like a champ. (Formerly) male cats are awesome, but the smell!

PetTrak Keeps a Virtual Eye on Your Pet

Pet tracking devices have been something of a mixed bag in my house. We tested the Spotlite, which worked well even if it was a little bulky, and the Tagg, which single-handedly gave me as many gray hairs in one malfunctioning afternoon as three months of parenthood has managed. Still, the concept is a good one, and more companies are…

PetziConnect Lets You Send Your Dog Remote Treats and Praise

Petzila is rolling out the PetziConnect, a webcam and treat dispenser designed to let you interact with your pet, even when you’re not home. Hey, it beats dogTV! My dog routinely outsmarts us. He figured out long ago that he gets treats for two reasons: someone’s at the door, and we don’t want him to eat them, or we’re leaving,…

PJ Reef Micro Saltwater Coral Habitat for the Wannabe Marine Biologist in All of Us

I’ve been fascinated by saltwater aquariums since I was a child. Although the few I’ve seen that weren’t in city-run aquariums were usually elaborate installations inside restaurants (like Rainforest Cafe or Todai), I have seen a small number of saltwater aquariums installed in private homes. Saltwater aquariums are a very different experience from what you’d see in a freshwater aquarium,…

Tagg the Pet Tracker Review

I rarely give a “don’t buy” rating to gear. I try really, really hard to find some good aspect to products, because so many times the issues are opinion and not fact. A particular phonecase may not be my taste, but it could be yours, or I might miss a certain feature that someone else never uses. But then there…