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GUND x Chipolo Ensures That Your Child Doesn’t Lose Their Favorite New Plush Toy

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GUND x Chipolo Ensures That Your Child Doesn't Lose Their Favorite New Plush Toy

If you’ve never experienced the frustration and heartache of consoling a child who’s lost their favorite plush toy — with you having no idea where the toy was lost or how to find it — then you are genuinely lucky. But if you’ve been through it, you know that pain. The popular plush toy GUND has a new initiative with Chipolo that should help keep that from happening, though.

Gund x Chipolo

For a limited time — basically, until they sell out — when you spend $50 on the GUND site, they will give you a $25 Chipolo tracker for free that can be attached to your child’s new plushie. They’re also offering free shipping on all orders over $50, so it’s a double bonus.

We’ve covered Chipolo trackers here on Gear Diary before. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that works in conjunction with your smartphone to keep track of just about anything.

Chipolo trackers are water-resistant, have a 120dB tone that they’ll sound when you are trying to locate them, and a replaceable battery that lasts for up to two years.

But most importantly, they will sound an alarm when you accidentally leave one of the items you are tracking behind. In this case, if you have a Chipolo attached to your child’s favorite plushie, you’ll know it’s been left behind — possibly before your child does!

GUND is synonymous with quality; our plush is designed to last a lifetime – unless you lose it. We receive hundreds of emails from parents who are desperately trying to track down a lost plush and have seen social media posts go viral, with celebrities even pitching in to help in search efforts.

Our collaboration with Chipolo offers an easy solution that makes parents’ lives just a little bit easier. – Laura Henderson, Spin Master’s EVP of Marketing and mother to a two-year-old, classic GUND Snuffles lover.

GUND has so many cute and huggable plush toys. If you’ve been considering getting one for your child, now there’s an extra incentive — beyond hearing their squeals of delight as they discover their new best friend.

GUND x Chipolo
GUND x Chipolo
GUND x Chipolo
GUND x Chipolo
GUND x Chipolo

You can check out all the cute plushies at Gund; if you order $50 or more worth of products, you’ll get free US shipping and that free Chipolo tracker!


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